This years ShropGeek (R)Evolution conference has been another huge success. Held on the 26th September at the Shrewsbury Conference Centre the event covered a range of technology related topics from security to content strategy to user experience.

Guest speakers travelled from around the country representing organisations including Facebook, the Guardian and Buffer. Around 130 people attended with a good mixure of local and national businesses.

ShropGeek meet monthly in the Alb, Shrewsbury and consist of technology enthusiasts and web professionals.

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We've covered a range of slot games on ImAFish and today I want to talk about how themed slot machines can make the game more fun.  When we think of a classic slot machine we think of fruit, whether its matching cherries or lemons the aim was always to match the same fruit in the same row. 

Slot machines can be found all around the county, from pubs, chip shops, arcades, theme parks and over recent years online. The game is simple, the player wagers an amount and presses the button to make the wheels spin.

Once the wheels have stopped the combination of the pictures determines if you've either lost or win, sometimes a bonus feature helps the player continue playing. Slot machines are also called fruit machines for the reason I mentioned above. Unlike other casino style games such as poker there is no skill involved in slots, the result it purely random.

Since slots became online games innovation has rapidly developed themed slots. Now we have themes such as the classic film Jurassic Park, that you can play here, or slots such as the popular computer game series Tomb Raider, that you can play here.

But why do we have themed slots? The answer is simple, it helps keep a classic game modern and its a testament to the longevity in how the game can be applied to so many different scenarios. Find out more on

With millions of players resorting to the fun bingo games, there are many to look into. As the world is evolving with different games. When I talk about evolving, I mean the game patterns, did you know now there are 80 ball bingo patterns and 50 ball patters. With each of these patterns, now there is an availability of various games with interesting formats to follow.

Some sites even fancy a good variation as per the festivities of the month, you name it, Halloween, Christmas, or even Easter. You could play all these games with a lot of fanfare. But how about if some one gives you beyond bingo. May be a pinch of slots too! A game which involves both slots and bingo. 

There is a game in existence called Dingo, which has a combination of luck and skills. Play this game where you could feel the blood racing through your veins and even listen to your heart- beats which quickens up instantly! Interested, aren’t we? If you could sms fast then this game is for you as you need good eye and fingertips co-ordination. The faster your eyes darts between the appeared numbers and numbers in Dingo tickets and your hand moves fast enough to click on your listed numbers in the box. This snot automatic daubing system but you have to actually click on the number. Hit the spin button quickly to get the numbers rolling and match them up.

As you head over to this fun bingo site, you will also like the fun Supergems games. Match the gems , there are couple of unique gems if you match them then you will get points! These games could be also played for free and no - deposit is required! In this site, you could even free prizes with these points. All these points will fetch you good rewards and you could be one of the happiest lot!

Try playing these fun games at GameVillage Bingo where there is no end to the fun. You could even free bingo tickets whilst playing in this site. Plus, if you are a music lover, tune into Bingo Radio and you could get the fun games to play with. With good music, games look great. The community forum bustles with excitement all day that you will feel it’s the best platform to mingle with new people.

Hop over to this site when you want some good action packed games along with bingo and slots. And what I hear from my friends, that it is a good place to play at with fun games for every one. The chat hosts are friendly with 2/7 support to help you out of sticky situations and you know they are the best. Next time, you feel to have some change, then you would love to shift here with amazing games in tow for you to enjoy. The nebies enjoy a great welcome package along with best games in offer for everyone.

The British film industry has played a significant role in world cinema for more than a century. It reached its golden age in the 1940s when directors such as Carol Reed, David Lean and Michael Powell were active. Since then many British actors, such as John Hurt, Judi Dench, Michael Caine and Sean Connery have gone on to achieve international critical success. Some of the biggest returns at the box office have also been made in the UK, such as with the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises.

Although the identity of British cinema and its relationship with the Hollywood movie machine has been the subject of much debate, the domestic industry has managed to hold its own over the years and produce some startlingly original and innovative work. Take a look at some of its more recent successes, which have kept British cinema buoyed up between periods of apparent stagnation.

Very British gangsters

The classic gangster caper has come a long way since Bogart and Cagney, with the new-look British gangster in films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels being decidedly cheeky and chirpy when not indulging in a spot of ultra-violence. British director Guy Ritchie created this new and enormously successful genre practically single-handedly.

A new twist on horror

In recent years, British horror films such as Dog Soldiers, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Severance have added an innovative twist to tired old classics and given werewolves and zombies a new lease of life. British directors such as Danny Boyle and Neil Marshall have again been in the vanguard.

Classic spies

James Bond, England’s favourite spy, had a complete cinematic makeover for Casino Royale in 2006, with Daniel Craig cast as the surly, violent thug of Fleming’s original books.

Classic sleuths

British director Guy Ritchie again scored a great hit with his original portrayal of an old classic, with the inspired casting of Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law as an unlikely but highly effective Holmes and Watson. The foggy, brooding streets of London, heavily enhanced with CGI, provide the appropriately atmospheric backdrop to this big budget international success.

London film locations

London, with its churches, palaces, epic skyline and atmospheric streets, has played what amounts to a starring role in many of these British blockbusters. Look at a few of the more popular locations that you could visit during a short trip to the capital.

  • King’s Cross Station. The Hogwarts Express departed from Platform 9¾, signposted here, and there’s a Harry Potter Shop that looks like Ollivander’s Wand Shop in the films. The Harry Potter Experience at Warner Brothers Studios in London is also a huge attraction for fans of the boy wizard.
  • Notting Hill. This is the chic and fashionable setting for the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts film of the same name. Kenwood House, close by, was the stately setting for a Henry James adaptation.
  • Tower Bridge. This iconic landmark has been prominent in numerous films, from The Mummy Returns and Tomb Raider to Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.
  • London Underground. The London tube has been a setting for many blockbusters, including the two recent films Skyfall and The Bourne Ultimatum.

The British film industry, with its rich and distinguished heritage, looks set to remain not only an important earner in the UK economy but also a continuing delight to film lovers the world over for many years to come.


Don’t be surprised when I say you could save your money through online bingo. Yes, I have heard the talk too about this fancy luck game. But, did you know that most of the lucky people in this world are bingo players and casino players. Well, hear me out and you could win that special money to make your dreams come true. 

Before you go head over heels on just hearing that playing online bingo games could give you a secure future. You have to follow some itsy bitsy steps so that you don’t have a big fall. You could take out few of these tips in your aid for entering the amazing world of bingo games.

The Free Bingo Games

Enjoying some thing for free is always a bliss. There are sites that gives you free bingo rooms to play so that you could get the feel of their site. The best part is no deposit required and win real cash too. They even give away extra free tickets to play in these rooms so you get a chance to win more. It always nice to win freebies with nothing to do from our end.

Deposit Bonus

Who doesn’t like a big fat welcome bonus, if you are wondering what is it. It’s the special bonus given to new players, suppose you deposit £10 and the site gives you an extra £35 to play with then that’s a whopping £45 to play in the games. You are actually getting free money on the deposit you made. So gallop away more than you actually bargained for.

Mobile Bingo

This device has become our appendage, it has taken a permanent place in our palms. We have become tech savvy of gadgets but that doesn’t stop online bingo taking up the prime spots in the mobile market. They have now introduced apps for their games. These apps have now been talked about a lot when it comes to playing games in a jiffy. Along with the swiftness to play and with these easy games, it surely keeps your mind boosted, especially to know if you have won that jackpot.


Getting bored of messenger? Give the online bingo chat rooms a shot and you could be making life long friends. Most of all you can even take up some tips from the pro players and have a good winning time.

Variety of games

It’s quite important to check out a site which has an assortment of games for all their players. Even if you love bingo games, you would also love to try out casino, slots and other games. Poker is one of the top casino games along with slots. Plus, recently many sites are offering you side games which are mini casino games. So you do get a chance to play variety of games in one go.

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