Detroit is a once-proud city that has reinvented itself again and again. A former fort and stop on the fur-trapping route between the Northern U.S. and Canada, it has boomed with the rise of the auto industry, given the world the Motown Sound and persevered in the face of adversity time and again. Now it's time for Detroit to gather itself up and

The rise of technology and globalization have led to the decline of manufacturing, the trend of outsourcing and a perpetually depressed economy that have hit industrialized cities in the American heartland especially hard; Detroit is being held up as a prime example of the consequences of white flight, neglect, political mismanagement, and urban blight and decay. The problem is one part political, one part social and 100 percent a sign of the times.

A Plan for the City

The first things that need to be addressed are the problems of clientellism, transparency and fiscal mismanagement and accountability in both the public and private sectors. Once the process of streamlining and modernizing record keeping within the city departments is implemented, city leadership must begin a concerted campaign to regain the trust of their constituents, both in word and deed, by giving citizens a real voice in the direction the city will take and in where their taxes are spent.

Another step to making residents feel truly invested in what happens in their community is to introduce or recapitalize programs that encourage a sense of ownership among residents and businesses, old and new. Properly managed jobs and urban revitalization programs are a start, but other incentive like tax breaks for businesses that relocate and hire within the community, more robust incentives for real property investment and rehabilitation - such as encouraging municipalities to participate in programs like the 425 agreement - and a residency requirement for city employees will give Detroiters and their neighbors a greater sense of cohesiveness and a greater stake in the city's success.

Baby Steps

You can already see signs of life emerging from the rusting hulk of the Motor City, with innovative start-ups and a burgeoning art and culinary scene downtown. Natives like Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans founder, and Dave Brandon, former CEO of Ann Arbor-based Dominoes Pizza, are examples of corporate entities with a talent for turning businesses around. Executives like Brandon and Gilbert, who relocated his company headquarters downtown, are leading the way.

It seems that the key to Detroit's reemergence lies the aftermath of its destruction. With well-crafted long- and short-term planning and a strong dose of Michigander determination, a newer, stronger Detroit will rise from the ashes.

A Shrewsbury based IT company is celebrating the launch of their new website this week. The stylish, sleek and modern new look for Information Solutions is now live and proving an immediate success.

With over a decade of providing high quality IT services and support across the region, it was time to revamp the existing site. The exciting new online presence, offers visitors with a detailed yet easy to navigate overview of the support and services which Information Solutions provides.

Businesses can discover what the many benefits of out-sourcing IT are; and browse information on cloud storage, security, hardware, antivirus, servers and much more, also including the popular cloud offering, Microsoft Office 365.

Speaking about the unveiling of the new website, Pete White says “We are really pleased to promote the new website for Information Solutions. The stylish site now further establishes us as one of the companies at the forefront of improving Shropshire’s business IT infrastructure. I do encourage business owners to take a look and see how we can help in such a variety of ways.”

For more information on the IT support and services available, call 01743 343411. To visit the new website, log on to

The world around us is changing rapidly. The changes are often subtle; it's easy to miss them when you're already tracking a hundred different issues in your everyday life. Step back for a bit, though, and focus on just one thing. Chances are, the changes will start becoming more obvious.

Brick and mortar versus cyberspace

The 20-something Generation Z, and those that follow, are spending over 60% of their non-sleep time online. This is up from 45% five years ago.

The only way to sustain this pace is the ability to do an ever-increasing number of brick and mortar tasks in cyberspace. This demand is driving the growth of both online numbers and the range of products and services available online.

Shopping is evolving from a touch and feel experience to an activity of convenience, one that saves time. Maybe not so much for luxury items, but for normal everyday needs, the more you can accomplish online, the greater your ability to customise your real-world time.

Online retail is a win-win solution

Online sales are projected to hit £52 billion this year. At the current growth rate, sales will double every five years. If anything, this rate will accelerate as Generation Z forms the backbone of discretionary spending and consumption. They will change the pattern of consumption along the way.

The online platform is a win-win solution for both the customer and the company. Let's take the example of fashion brand AllSaints. For the company, the cost of operation and acquiring new customers is much lower online than, say, by opening new stores. Online sales over the past ten years have given the brand a global reach and recall, well beyond that of its physical stores.

The brand has deep roots in the music industry and is considered an expression of one's individuality. Online sales have helped the company sustain high growth and profitability. However, the brand came close to liquidation in 2011 due to the sudden insolvency of its major Icelandic investor. M1 Group stepped in as the lead investor in a consortium with a £105 million investment in the brand, returning AllSaints to its growth and profitability path.

Set up in 2007, M1 Group is a multibillion dollar investment company. It plays an investment and advisory role in its business interests across telecom, oil and energy, real estate and consumer retail. The investment in AllSaints adds synergy to M1 Group’s earlier acquisition of fashion brand Façonnable.

M1 Group is based out of Lebanon. It traces its roots to Investcom, a telecoms company set up by brothers Taha and Najib Mikati in 1982. Investcom was sold to MTN of South Africa in 2006 for $5.5 billion. You can connect to Najib Mikati on his LinkedIn page.

For the consumer, online retail gives access to infinite options. It frees up real-world time and is often cheaper than the real-world experience. You can't open a store if there are only five customers in the area, but you can service all five online. Online retail is a global phenomenon, and we are witnessing the birth of a new marketplace.

How to Bingo in the UK

By Pete | @kingpetey | 07 Jun 2015

Bingo is quite popular in the UK, far more than in other countries. But if you’ve ever seen an American wander into a UK bingo hall you’ll never see a more confused gambler. Bingo in the USA and in the UK are very different games. The basic principles are there, but the cards and the lingo are very different.

First off, in Britain bingo is played with 90 balls instead of 75. That’s just a minor change compared to the cards, or tickets as we call them here. Individual tickets are a 3x9 strip, usually played six tickets at a time in a book. The first column holds the numbers 1-10, the second 11-20, and so on. Each line across will have four empty free spaces and five spaces with numbers. Books are generated so that every possible number will appear in the book. No waiting forever for one of your numbers to come up!

How do you play bingo in an actual game? The basic goal is to fill in all the numbers in one row. No winning by columns in 90 ball bingo! So you’ll need all five numbers to win. Normally there is a larger prize for the first one to get a line, then a smaller one for whoever gets two lines on the same ticket filled in, and then a final one for filling in the entire ticket. Filling in the entire ticket is called a full house. Unlike US bingo, there aren’t a lot of variants where you’re trying to make a pattern on your ticket.

90 ball bingo is very popular online, and it’s very easy to play bingo games. Find a reputable site, lay down your deposit, and play to your heart’s content and money’s limit. You can also find lesser-played variants like speed bingo. Speed bingo is played with 30 balls and a 3x3 grid. The goal in this game is to get all nine numbers filled in.

Bingo isn’t just played for money in the UK. It’s a very popular charity event and leisure activity. Millions of people play bingo games for fun either online or in bingo halls. It is also a safer activity than playing other kinds of gambling games online which have more stringent regulations. Bingo is seen as a lottery played like a game, so it is completely based on chance instead of skill. This is a key distinction between it and many gambling games like poker, which have an element of skill.

Business owners will do almost anything to get more exposure and attention for their company. As owners and others who have a high stake in the matter, believing in your products and services is key therefore promoting them is natural. Having a blog is a great way to have an online presence in addition to your website.

Strengthening Your Internet Existence

When people search for a company in the area they need services or to purchase a product from, you want your name to come up often. Having multiple locations online will heighten the chance that one of your websites will show up in their search results. A blog is just as great as your company website as it showcases important information about what you have to offer. No matter the page they come upon, they will be learning about your purpose. Spread your name as far across the World Wide Web as you can.

Providing Information

Without having to changing the format of your company website, you can create a separate blog to have daily announcements and business related news for employees and consumers. When people do research on a business before using them, having multiple educational options to base their opinion on leaves you with a better chance of their patronage.

There are plenty of types of information that you might like to publicize for your viewers. Topics you can post include but are not limited to community involvement efforts, important role changes that might occur and new products or services available to the public. Having pertinent information available allows the readers to have a better sense and understanding of what is going on. An example like the company Sentry Energy's blog has tons of posts that are interesting and relevant to their cause.

Make Constant Changes

Updating your blog regularly will give readers the feeling that someone is actually there and giving fresh and new posts to view. Displaying timely and relevant information to what is going on keeps your company name connected with the times. Knowing that you are actively involved in posting and the things going on around your community and the world shows that you pay strong attention to what is outside of your walls. Your blog's viewers will feel more connected to you if they see things being posted as they happen.

Your blog's viewership may start off slowly but don't let that deter you. Keep actively managing it and maintaining a fresh feed so those who come across it will be interested in taking a look through your posts. Taking it seriously is important and should become one or a group's responsibility to care for. Including as much exciting and educational text on your page will draw people in and allow them to learn about your business. Then your customer base should grow.