We all love a good play on a console; no other device lets you as easily replicate and experience the excitement of racing around Le Mans at 190 miles per hour, the beauty and majesty of strolling through an impeccably crafted fantasy realm, or the fear and tension of a war torn battlefield. Different consoles are, obviously, better at affording different experiences for players however, and while big name releases will undoubtedly be released across a variety of different systems, certain genres and play styles are inherently better on certain systems. Here’s a little guide on who does what within this generation of consoles.

PlayStation 4: Power at a Good Price

The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful, refined console Sony have ever created and the most potent, technologically advanced console of this generation as a whole; Sony says the PS4 possesses ten times the processing power of the PS3. With extremely crisp, flowing high definition visuals right out of the box (compared to the Xbox One’s 720p) the PS4 is by far the hardcore console gamer’s console; don’t expect a dearth of releases aimed at children, but do expect epic, fast paced shooters, immersive adventure titles that don’t shy away from adult themes, and faster, more capable multiplayer gaming than the PS3 (due in part to the introduction of an online subscription charge akin to Xbox Live). Continuing the adult-streak, PlayStation also caters for the casino gamers among us through both the PlayStation Casino Home environment and the system’s in built web browser that allows gambling through the many new online casino gaming website start-ups, such as www.riverbellecasino.com/ca/online-slots that have accompanied the recent, exponential growth of the online gaming industry.

Xbox One: The Great Leveller

Derided in many circles from pretty much the moment it was announced, Microsoft’s Xbox One is a divisive piece of kit, especially among the hardcore gamer community. Billed as an ‘entertainment hub’ since Microsoft’s initial announcement; the system can stream TV, movies, music and all of the mainstream streaming platforms currently in use. The system isn’t devoid of games though, with all of the main releases that feature on other consoles’ rosters plus more, and with added functionality through Microsoft’s Kinect motion detection system, one continually being honed by developers, there’s plenty of fun to be had on Microsoft’s system.

Wii U: A Capable Improvement

Nintendo’s Wii console made a massive impact on the video gaming industry as a whole, displaying clearly to all that Nintendo was still the king of casual, though the system’s hardware and graphics left a lot to be desired. With the release of the Wii U system, Nintendo have finally progressed into the HD gaming sphere, with backwards compatibility for Wii games, the ability to enable emulators for classic games and systems through the Homebrew Channel, excellent titles including Mario Kart and Zelda, and extra controller functionality through the pad’s embedded touch screen. Don’t expect fast loading times, shooters or adult-oriented games, however.

Fantasy Canopies

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Aug 2014

Canopies play a big role in our daily lives but they are often overlooked. They also have been present in some of the most iconic film and TV sets and scenes. Clovis Canopies have created this infographic to illustrate just some of the scenes and sets that they have been present in. From the magical world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, to Louisiana in the dark and mysterious True Detective.
Fictional Canopies
Canopies Content by Clovis Canopies a leading manufacturer of outdoor canopies and shelters for schools, hospitals and commercial premises.

Here are a selection of great OS X shortcuts:

cmd + shift + 3 - screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 - cropped screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 then press spacebar will crop the screenshot around the current window

ctrl + cmd + space - full emoji keyboard

cmd + ~ - switches between windows in same application

shift + option when changing volume uses quarter increments

cmd + option + shift + V - paste & match text formatting

cmd + space - shows spotlight

cmd + H - hides active application

cmd + opt + H - hides all windows not in focus

alt + backspace - delete a whole word instead of a letter at a time

control + command + power (eject) - system restart

cmd + shift + i (from a Safari or Chrome) - creates a new email with the URL of the page you were visiting in the body

control + d - replicates the ‘Delete’ key from non-mac keyboards

option + right click on a dock app to show force quit

option + click on wifi icon in menu bar to show wireless speed, strength and other useful details

Thanks to reddit.com/r/apple for some of these.

Do you realize that cable TV monthly expenses eat a considerable part of your monthly earnings. Generally, these run down to as much as $100, while you watch only few of the shows. To be able to add only the premium channels to the cart, still isn't possible. Do you think, watching cable TV is old school when you can easily download or stream the movies and TV series from paid subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV and Hulu.

But these days, people are going one step further and they use BitTorrent to view anything for free. Wondering what it is? BitTorrent is a file sharing network that allows people to share large files among the computers. These files might be videos, movies, music or computer programs. Don't be in a hurry to download it yet! There is much more to it.

When you download a TV series or movie from iTunes, the computer makes a single connection with the iTunes computer. But when you try to open the BitTorrent on your computer, your computer connects to a network of several other computers. In turn they become giant computing teams. When you download the movie using BitTorrent program, it locate all the computers that have the same movie and then reassemble the pieces in the movie format. It is more like zillion packages being delivered to your doorstep with the super-fast robot, the BitTorrent to unpack and then assemble them.

No No, it is not that simple! Now that your system is a part of the team of BitTorrent, the tiny pieces of the movie files are available to send to other computers that request the movie. So, in short you not only download but also upload the files. Hang on! The real catch isn't this.

The team that you are a part of now is not a protected or moderated in any way. As your computer is connected to other computer networks, it makes it susceptible to hacking and viruses. Remember, the movie is free for taking and so are your bank account details. Just to save few dollars, you might end up losing the lifetime savings. The other thing you need to keep your system protected is a good Antivirus system. To save money you must check http://www.voucherbin.co.uk/ and find promotional codes to get discounts.

The other problem is that this platform of sharing is not legal. Yes, you read it right. It is illegal to use BitTorrent. Technically, it is fine to share your own files, but in case the file is the latest movie or episode of popular TV series, you might end up in problem. Remember, both downloading and uploading copyright material is illegal and a criminal offense.

So, before you give to the temptation to download using BitTorrent, weigh both the pros and cons of entering this arena. It is best to look for codes for Netflix.

Now that you understand the major pros and cons, enter at your own risk. Just consider this: When you BitTorrent a movie, you are not only downloading, you are also uploading. Free stuff comes in, and free stuff goes out.  Are you prepared to give as much or more than you receive?

Interacting with Shrewsbury Town Council will soon be quicker and easier after councillors approved plans for a new website.

At a meeting of the Finance & General Purposes committee on Monday [4 AUG] members appointed Shrewsbury based company, The Web Orchard, to re-design the existing site following a robust selection process.

The brief was to make the existing website simpler to use, and more responsive, ensuring that visitors will be able to find what they are looking for within a few clicks.

The new site will be built using responsive technology to recognise which type of device people are using and adjust accordingly.

The design of the previous website, which is five years old, was found to be outdated and difficult to navigate, particularly on mobile and tablet devices. The new design will remove some large blocks of text and replace these with clear icons guiding users to the pages they need.

Work on the new website, which will sit on the existing platform at www.shrewsburytowncouncil.gov.uk, is already underway, with a prototype due to be presented to councillors in October.

Councillor Alan Mosley said:  “Soon after taking over the leadership of the Council we recognised that our website was outdated and, as part of our revised Communications Strategy, we resolved to change it to something more fit for purpose.  We want a website that will allow the Council to get closer to its residents, one that is more open and accessible and user friendly for all types of devices.

“The re-designed site will be attractive and informative, while giving opportunities for feedback and consultation with residents.  We want the new website to link with all our partners as we work together at putting Shrewsbury first.”

Pete White, director at The Web Orchard added: "We're delighted to be selected to re-build the Shrewsbury Town Council website and are already busy working on the project. There are some interesting challenges that we are looking forward to tackling."