Trading in Europe

By Pete | @kingpetey | 09 Jul 2014

There are hundreds if not thousands of different financial trading products available in the market. These are traded around the world every day by professionals and amateurs in offices and in homes through the internet.

Some of the most simplest types are binary options, these are where there is some of sort fixed payoff for an asset or no return at all. With binary options the potential return is a fixed amount agreed up front over a given time period. 

For instance a purchase is made against a given businesses share price trading over €100 by a certain date with a return of €500. If by this date the businesses share price is over €100 then €500 is returned, if it is trading lower than €100 then nothing is returned.

The simplicity of binary options is in that the outcome is either yes or no and there are no complex calculations for measuring potential returns.

Each European country has a range of traders operating in their country, for instance Banc de swiss - Best German broker, another good example is this site. Often these are tailored to their local markets and in the countries native language. Demo accounts are available and there are usually incentives to join.

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By Pete | @kingpetey | 03 Jul 2014

fitvids.js is a cool bit of JavaScript for resizing videos responsively. It's especially useful for YouTube videos as used here on ImAFish.

I left Tesco happy the other day knowing that on my next shop I had a voucher for 4p through their price match promise. Though I wasn't happy, I chuckled to myself thinking about how I would spend it and questioned why Tesco had even gone to the effort?

The annoying part wasn't simply the amount, it was the way the whole process worked. Tesco had done the hard work of calculating the saving, why not simply deduct it from my total spend? If I was to buy a pack of Pringles on offer with 50% off I wouldn’t expect to see the saving on a voucher. 

Instead they insist on using the 4p to make me return to Tesco on a future occasion.  This you could argue is fine and a perfectly valid way to build customer loyalty however instead of simply deducting the 4p from my shopping balance on my next visit or adding it to my Club Card rewards total, I’m reliant on remembering to show the voucher at checkout.

The Club Card is a complex computer system yet it can’t automatically deduct a voucher from my shopping total when scanning my club card on checkout? You could argue that its down to my own stupidity for forgetting to use the vouchers but the point is that all of the elements to the system are already in place and Tesco is simply making the user jump through unnecessary hoops, most likely knowing that they won’t bother with that 4p voucher.

The user experience problems aren't just down to price match rewards, a range of other offers and money off vouchers have to be printed rather than being automatically deducted.

With all the struggles Tesco is going through recently it seems like such a simple change to improve the Club Card experience with users, lets hope when Morrison’s launches its loyalty scheme in the coming months that it doesn’t make the same mistakes. 

The Top 8 Reasons to Vape

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Jun 2014

Vaping has become one of the biggest phenomenons in the past couple of years and there are many positives over traditional cigarettes, here are the top 8:

1. Cost, e-cigarettes don’t come with all the added tax that traditional cigarettes have, but even considering that they are considerably cheaper to use.

2. No bad odours, unlike traditional cigarettes there are no nasty smells, in fact there is often the pleasant smell left over by the flavoured liquid you are using.  

3. Multiple flavours, e liquids come in a wide range of flavours including strawberry, black jack, bubblegum, cola, vanilla, apple, lemon & lime, pineapple and mojito! 

4. Not covered by smoking ban, e-cigarettes are not covered by the UK smoking ban so you are free to use them anywhere, this includes public places, pubs and your works vehicles. 

5. The health benefits of vaping are still unproven, however given that smoking cigarettes can cause a whole range of conditions anything that removes traditional smoking can be seen as beneficial. 

6. Social status, society often looks down on cigarette smokers, however vaping is seen as the new cool thing to do.  

7. Time, an e-cigarette can last for hours so whether your in the mood for a short fix or a chilling session your e-cigarette is always ready.

8. Charge, even if your e-cigarette is low on juice, just a few minutes charge will get it going again.