It’s meant to be the period to relax and wind down following years of hard work, but fail to plan and retirement can be an absolute disaster.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Oswestry or Sundorne, the same problems will still exist – as do certain myths that can wreak even more havoc with your post-work life.

It’s that last point that we are now going to focus on. Take a look at the following myths to ensure that you avoid the common retirement traps that are blighting so many people nowadays.

"My financial situation will almost remain the same"

Like a lot of the myths associated with retirement, this one is bordering on the understandable.

After all, once you stop working, you will immediately kiss goodbye to those annoying expenses like commuting costs, work wear and everything else that you pay with your job.

Of course, as well as losing the expenses, you also lose the income. While your income is highly unlikely to drop to zero (unless there has been years and years of mismanagement), it is still all but certain to drop in some regards. In fact, one study found that the average retired person would see their income drop by 52%. Its decreases like these which well and truly dwarf the expenses that you'll no longer be forking out for.

"I won't need as much money once retirement arrives"

This one is probably one of the stranger misconceptions, yet it's still one that is regularly used by the newly-retired.

With a lot more free time available, you'll also have much more free time to spend money. As well as this, you will suddenly start to incur expenses that might not have otherwise existed. Some people will notice their insurance premiums increasing, while others might have the foresight to plan for the likes of funeral arrangements to cut down costs for their family in the future.

All in all - you are unlikely to need less money than you do currently.

"If I don't have enough money - I can keep on working"

This is one of those typical "did you know" answers. While some people might think that they can bail themselves out by simply working longer, there's every chance that this won't be possible. Contrary to popular belief, the most common reason for retirement is ill health or injury. In other words, it's not because people "want" to or "feel the need" to retire - it's simply because circumstances dictate otherwise.

As such, continuing to work to pay the bills just might not work out.

"There's nothing to worry about if the mortgage is paid"

If your mortgage has been paid off, a lot of people believe that they are in the clear. While it's true that the main source of expenditure has suddenly disappeared, let's not forget that it doesn't cover your other expenses. In other words, your house isn't going to pay the bills - even if it might be able to bail you out in extreme circumstances if you need an injection of money later down the line.

There are but few things that make life spicy - having to celebrate anniversaries is one of such. From birthdays to marriages, friendship to festive celebrations and even death, there is always this aura around the anniversaries celebrated. Anniversary milestones are not all equal, various anniversaries call for different types of gifts. Meanwhile, one would ask,' what is so special about marking anniversaries?' You do not know right? That memory of the past and how it all started in a positive light is not something to trade with stupidly. It is equally a time to make your spouse, lover or friend feel amazing and letting your actions reflect your inner feelings that they indeed, are the single most important part of your life.

The celebration of anniversaries come in different colors and forms from going to see a movie to going on a vacation, renewing of vows and of course giving of gifts to make it more thrilling.

Gifts ranging from chocolate and champagne, down to long stemmed roses are best to give someone on an anniversary. Does it look expensive? Right,  others may say ' does it worth much to give?' Hell, yes, it does! Knowing how dear, that special person is to you, you would want to go the extra mile to make their day.  Anniversary gifts in a whole give people the chance of remembering past lovely moments and also bringing them into the present, which is true.

Roses with scent are the best to give to a loved one on an important day like an anniversary. Ladies are said to be general lovers of scented roses, taking it as a way of being romantic and touchy- you know that feeling right?  Moreover, if you want to make their day? Roses, carefully arranged with the sweet fragrance of perfume filling the room and candles set to illuminate the way to the gift, are sure the best. I bet you on it.

People have plenty ideas to make their anniversary a memorable and classic one. White cream, pastel pink, mauve colored rose bouquet with wine like most and chancellor, Domain Perignon Vintage, Glenmorangie Whisky, and chocolates, but don't forget the candles with a scent to add more aura to a couple's anniversary dinner, making it romantic and creating an inevitable love in the atmosphere.

In most cases, instead of a store-bought present, give your partner something truly unique, like a digital collection of your favorite songs (or songs that make you think of him/ her), or keep the dying art of handwriting alive by penning an old-fashioned love letter. If you are the creative type, craft an original song, poem or painting that comes from the heart.

Amidst all the gifts to be given to that special one are sweet smelling roses. Roses, especially red ones still stand the test of time creating more ideas of beauty, love, and romance. The color of traditional roses; red, represents passion. Unbelievably, a pink rose may stand for appreciation and grace, a yellow rose may stand for friendship and happiness, while the white rose may stand for innocence.

People say 'your lady will love you more if you get her teddy bears, chocolates, and candles ' but like hell would they appreciate something to be presented with the chocolate and teddies, and that is a ROSE.

So when next you are thinking of what to get for that special one, consider getting a bouquet of rose.

Over this past weekend, I decided to play around with Google’s new app called Auto Draw. It’s a vector based app that responds to your tablet or phone sketch and then creates an icon based on recognition of shapes. For instance, let’s say you need a flower icon for a button on your site or an app you’re developing. Simply draw a flower on your tablet/phone and voila, you got a clean vector icon of a flower that can be easily manipulated and edited with a few clicks on the interface. At least, that’s what the video presented and which was what got me very interested.

The Google Auto Draw app is currently in a beta testing mode where it’s been integrated into the site itself. I found it not as easy to use as the video suggested and tried it on both my iPhone and my iPad. There didn’t seem to be, that I recognized, any ease of use from either device.

My 5-year-old son is a whiz on his iPad so I let him try it out and see if maybe I was a bit too hasty in my critique. He played with it for about 2 minutes and was not in the least bit interested. The shape recognition seems to be lacking in a few areas, but for the most part, it’s very cognitive of what it is you might be trying to draw. The stroke of the lines, curves, and angles are spotless and reminiscent of the Bell System logo from the 80’s. I like that, and it’s a clean and simple rendering that just about anyone can do. In my professional opinion, I think it’s perfect for a less experienced marketing executive looking for fast and inexpensive vector art for a PowerPoint presentation.

I also see Auto Draw being of use to seasoned designers that need instant vector art on the fly. A lot of times I spend valuable minutes looking thru files and folders trying to locate something from a year ago. After testing the Auto Draw app on tablet surfaces, I decided to try it out on my MacMini with a 24” monitor, and it worked so much better. I attest that to the speed if of the processor, video card, and Mighty Mouse. The shape recognition is faster and intuitively accurate, to say the least. It was here where I found the link to download the app itself, and I’ve been using it all week.

It’s a powerful tool in the ever-expanding world of vector based graphics which can be used in print, web building, and multimedia. You can create flow charts to keep your projects organized or for creating visual presentations for clients. However, with the interface being so easy to use, I can’t help but wonder if Google will introduce more apps in the near future putting designers out of work. Honestly, I don’t see that happening but this is definitely a powerful and free vector based app that may sway software developers to follow suit.

The financial marketplace is a vast and diverse entity, and one that recognises a considerable amount of money transacted during each, 24-hour period. In fact, the forex market alone boasts an average daily trading volume in excess of $5 trillion, and while this may have declined from the 2014 peak of $6 trillion it remains a huge number that is hard to ignore.

While trading volumes are prone to peaks and troughs (particularly in volatile markets such as forex), the general spike in activity has occurred thanks to the emergence of online trading platforms. These resource, which include market leader such as Blackwell Global, have removed many of the barriers to entry that once surrounded the financial market, enabling traders to operate in real-time and implement a wider range of viable strategies.

How Online Trading Helps Your Investments to Flourish

While online trading has clearly made the financial market more accessible to aspiring investors, however, it is also important to understand the precise benefits that this delivers to traders across the globe. One of the most striking advantages is the fact that most online trading portals offer clients access to multiple markets simultaneously, with popular derivatives including currency, indices and precious metals often accessible with the single click of a button. This means that online traders find it easier to diversify their portfolio, which is central to their chances of success in a challenging and volatile economic climate.

In short, trading online enables investors to build a thriving portfolio that can succeed in real-time. They can also gain access to in-depth knowledge of specific marketplaces, in the form of both live newsrooms and comprehensive analytical tools. These resources provide a constant stream of real-time and historical data, enabling traders to make informed decisions while identifying seminal trends. Over time, this has negated the biggest historical obstacle to financial market trading, as the gaps in knowledge between experienced investors and novices were often too large to bridge.

In many ways, however, the single biggest benefit of financial market trading is the fact that investors can now execute real-time orders regardless of their physical location. This represents a huge boon, particularly when dealing in volatile derivatives such as currency (which is prone to sudden and seismic price shifts). With online and affiliated mobile portals offering instant access to various markets, however, traders can react immediately to economic trends while assuming profitable, short-term trading positions.

The Bottom Line: Why Online Trading is Now More Important Than Ever

Make no mistake; online trading platforms have become the key drivers of modern investment and offer numerous advantages to anyone who is looking to build wealth. This is just the beginning of an ongoing and increasingly prominent trend, however, with the flexibility and insight delivered by virtual trading, this is helping investors to thrive during uncertain economic times. So, even as Brexit becomes a reality and the political landscape continues to shift across the market, the future for investors using online trading, can continue implementing these shifts to their advantage. 

Many small business owners set up a website, fill it with content, and then forget about it. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to adopt such a passive approach if you want a successful website that actually generates useful traffic. Luckily, website analytics are an excellent way to drill down into your website for clues on how to make it perform better.

Google Analytics

Back in the day, you may have hired a Magento agency to create a fantastic website. It probably still looks amazing now, but you still need to monitor your website traffic. Analytics make this job so much easier. There is a wealth of detailed information available, and you don’t even need to be an SEO expert to access this information. 

Anyone can open a Google Analytics account. It won’t take long to get your account up and running, and once it is, you can add a tracking ID to any website you own. This allows you to analyse website traffic, and a whole host of other metrics. 

Top Performing Pages

Look at which pages attract the most visitors. Analyse these pages in depth to find out where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they use to find the page, and how long they spend on the page. This information will help you create more of the same. You can also leverage your high-performing pages by adding a strong call-to-action or more prominent ads on these pages.

Visitor Location

Google Analytics offers a geographic breakdown of visitors, so you can see where your traffic comes from, right down to the town or city. This is more useful than you might think; especially if you are looking to expand your business into new areas. You might discover that you already have traffic from a specific country, which indicates your products or services are of interest. 

What’s Your Bounce Rate?

There will always be visitors who click on a page and then click away almost immediately, but if your bounce rate is higher than expected, it indicates you have a problem. Look at page loading speed. If a page takes more than a few seconds to load, this could be the reason why your bounce rate is high. If so, ask yourself what’s causing the problem. Is it your server, or do you have too many graphics and videos on the page? Whatever the underlying cause is, fix it, as it is hurting your website.

Traffic Sources

Where is your traffic coming from – paid ads or organic traffic? This information tells you what is working, and also what isn’t. Check whether traffic is coming from mobile or desktop devices. Again, this is very important for future optimisation. 

If you pay close attention to how visitors interact with your website, your traffic will grow a lot faster.