Fun games are very crucial for a stag weekend to be complete. A few well managed and well-constructed stag games are enough to fill your night with laughs. Some of the best stag games are;

Stag show on stage

It is the most popular stag game. Everything is organized in such a manner that your stag is not aware that he is just about to be the main stage’s star. A classic wedding song is played to signify the beginning of the show. Two pretty girls will collect and take your stag to the stage. Then they will perform delights on him while the audience watch. As the stag is being truly and well pleasured, the audience enjoys the fun. The reward for the stag for being unwilling to participate is celebratory drink, and it is given to him as his show comes to an end.

Gold stag show package

This package constitutes of a honoree with two pretty ladies, a lesbian show for the audience, a reservation of a VIP booth and an alcohol bottle from one of these selections; Havana Club, Finladia, Absolut, Russian Standard, Jagermeister, Bacardi, Jim Beam and Johnnie Walker among others. 
Sexy body painting

This stag game is ideal for birthday celebrations, stag parties and weekend parties. The activity takes place at the club’s stage. A hot striptease is performed by a dancer at the start of the show. You can now start painting her body while naked. Imagination is not limited, the duration is 60 minutes, and the minimum number of people is 6. In case this number goes beyond 15 persons, then 2 girls must be included.

Sexy body buffet 

This another interesting stag game. Guests get to enjoy their food from a body that lays naked in a room. The party is held in the VIP lounge. A beautiful lady lays down and acts as a table for your buffet. Then you eat from the sexy body as you enjoy the fun and drinks.

Hen party

Your bride enjoys champagne and a hot male stripper in a private room. It is an unforgettable experience.

Online gaming platforms

By Pete | @kingpetey | 07 Jan 2016

There are hundreds of sources available in the market for home entertainment such as music, games, home karaoke, Internet gaming, LAN gaming, online casinos and many more. Among these, online casinos have taken charge like never before, considering the increasing interest of people in playing casino but lack of time holding them back.

But now people can engage into real casino playing right from the comfort of their homes, with the emergence of online casino platforms. The popularity of these platforms can be credited to the following reasons-

1) Time saving- Going to the brick and mortar casino can be time consuming and may not be possible for everyone. This is when online casino comes into light that provides the user an easy platform for trying their luck into the games right from their homes.

2) Real Money Casino- The most important factor in casinos gaining popularity among the users is that they can actually help the user in making real money online, just like the traditional Casinos. The gamblers can play and wager on the casino games over their Internet connection and start earning money. The online casinos offer payback and odds percentages, which are generally, a bit more than the physical casinos. Many online casino websites provide higher payback percentages on slot machine games and a lot of them also publish payout percentage audits for the users to see.

3) Accessibility- till a few years back Casino’s were only considered a place for the well off people but now the scenario has changed. Due to the emergence of online casinos, more people have engaged in Casino playing due to better accessibility and usability. This has in fact, also enhanced the business of land based Casinos since larger number of people are getting aware about casino playing.

4) Bonuses- A number of online casinos offer sign up bonuses to market themselves and engage more number of new players. Apart from the welcome bonuses, the users can also earn referral bonus, by referring a friend. Some websites also offer cash back or insurance bonuses and the no deposit bonus, to attract new players to their website.

Online Casino makes a great option for people who are new to Casino playing and those who’re looking for some real money Casino online. It’s a good source of home entertainment while making some extra money right from the computer screen and company of friends.

There is a joke in an old Garfield cartoon strip where Jon, the owner of the challenging cat, mentions that while people say having pets makes you live longer, in fact, it actually just seems longer.

Having said that, there are a lot of people who genuinely believe that owning pets is beneficial to one’s health. People who credit their pets with aiding them in recovery from illness, helping them through difficult times and making them feel better just by being around. It would appear that there may actually be a bit of science behind the anecdotes.

Here are just a few reasons why cats and dogs may, in fact, be more than just furry companions.

Taking care of yourself

Our pets rely on us. Even cats, who can often seem aloof and incurably independent, look to their owners for food and shelter. Knowing there is a living creature that would suffer without our regular care and intervention is a huge motivation to make sure we are able to live up to their expectations, and it is fair to say that they have some pretty high expectations! Simply having them around, therefore, can help us make the best decisions about our own lifestyles. So as you deflea the dog, make sure the cat comes in when it rains and buy them both the best quality food that money can buy, on some level you will almost certainly also be making sure that you too have a certain quality of life so you can continue to provide them with the same.

Get some exercise

Perhaps this is one is more relevant to dog owners than cat owners because owning a dog means getting out and about into the great outdoors, whatever the weather, at least a few times a day. There are certain breeds of dog who require some pretty special exercise as well, and their owners often find that big chunks of their weekends can be taken up with long walks in the country. This sort of gentle, and occasionally not so gentle, cardiovascular exercise is good for the heart, lungs and muscles. Plus, getting out into the fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul. True, it is not always in the sunshine but put it this way; there are very few more compelling reasons for exercise in the freezing rain than a dog who needs a walk.

Someone to talk to

It is not all about physical health either. Pets are companions whose very presence can have a hugely positive effect on your psychological wellbeing. They may not be able to talk back but they are great listeners, and it has been shown time and again that sitting down and stroking a dog or a cat can have a beneficial impact on things like high blood pressure and depression. Given this, perhaps it is not surprising that there are charities which specialise in arranging visits by dogs and cats to old peoples’ homes and hospitals.

So there you have it. Your four-legged friend whom you love so much may be paying you back in more ways than you, or indeed they, realise.

There’s no denying it; running a small business can be extremely hard. With large corporations stealing the limelight and often being so well known that local companies can’t compete. As a result attracting customers can be difficult; however, there are ways that small firms can stand out from the crowd whilst minimising their expenses at the same time.

When it comes to capital, it’s normally true that the smaller the business, the less cash they have free to invest. In such a scenario, taking careful control of cash flow is vital, and with financial reserves being far smaller than the competition, it only takes a small knock to push a local firm under. This is why taking advantage of outsourcers can be extremely beneficial.

Instead of hiring permanent staff, a process that is costly both in the short and longer terms, expertly skilled professionals can be used on an ad-hoc basis. This provides the ideal way for businesses to get their hands on talented individuals without breaking the bank. For example, invoicing and tax returns can take up an extraordinary amount of time for small firms. Turning to a reliable umbrella company provides a way for businesses to spend time on growing their brand and consumer base instead of becoming too involved in backroom tasks. Likewise, help can be found with recruiting and customer services too, allowing a local company to focus on their core business challenges.

Though it can be difficult to survive against competitors, small businesses can actually make their reduced business size a positive strength. Larger corporations often find it hard to fast-track company changes, and tend to be less flexible than smaller firms. For the local producer, listening to customers and specifically targeting niche markets is ideal. Riverford, a company famous for their organically grown vegetable boxes, started out locally in Devon. Being a start-up, able to cater to local’s needs and being small enough to make rapid company changes meant the company could expand to become the iconic British firm it is today.

One thing that all start-up companies and small businesses should do is to create a contingency plan. The lack of resources means that the slightest problem can have a significant effect on a business. What if the main customers suddenly decide to go to a competitor? What if the office burned down? Luckily, little companies are able to react to problems quicker than global enterprises and, as long as a contingency’s in place, there’s no reason for failure to occur. However, executives must keep their wits about them and identify key problems as soon as they arise, such as, for example, a customer not paying their bills.

It can be tough for small businesses to thrive, particularly when they’re trying to make a mark against multi-million pound companies. However, firms can use their small stature to their advantage by carving out a niche for themselves and reacting quickly to consumer demand. Utilising outsourcers and expert contractors can certainly keep company expenses to a minimum. 

The online marketing world is as changeable as ever. Every year, there are a host of new user preferences and new trends in the sector.  Some of these are quickly adopted, whilst others fall away. The first adopters of influential marketing techniques end up gaining an advantage on the competition or further improving their status as leaders in their niche. This is why marketers are constantly searching for new trends and edges as the years roll by.  So… What are the trends that will dominate 2016 then?

Wearable tech will grow even further

Wearable smart devices have grown in popularity over the last few years and 2016 will see them become more mainstream than ever. The Apple Watch dominated the headlines this year but other gadgets are expected to arrive next year. With them, the line between online marketing and real marketing will become even narrower.

Increased popularity for video ads

Video ads are not new.  Facebook, Bing and YouTube have been serving them for years now. However, 2016 is poised to be the year when video ads will be seen on Google’s SERP. Users have become more accepting of video ads and as the acceptance continues to grow, video ads will gradually begin to pop up in more locations.

Explosion of mobile apps

2016 is expected to be a year where more business owners will realise the distinct benefits of having a mobile app. Google has offered app indexing for some time now but the ranking possibilities are just becoming more complex.  A site with a fully optimised mobile site is great for user experience but apps will soon replace them. Apps can do everything you’d expect from a mobile site but they are more convenient, more intuitive and more accessible. Many businesses, including e-commerce sites and new bingo sites launching in 2016 are expected to add apps to their portfolio.  Apps will not replace websites completely anytime soon but 2016 could prove vital for app adoption in business.  Should you be focusing on Android or iPhone apps, or both? This article will help you choose.

Rise of Virtual Assistant optimisation

When it comes to getting your site to be seen by thousands of new visitors, Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising are the major ways to achieve it. However, both strategies are targeted at humans. Today, more people are using virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana to find relevant pages on the internet. 2016 will be a year where more people will be focused on making sure that their business information is easily accessible to the assistants instead of targeting humans alone.

Desktop will give way to mobile

This year Google announced that mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic in more than 10 countries. Google also released the algorithm update that penalised sites not properly optimised for mobile. Interestingly, Google pointed out that running a mobile site without any desktop version is perfectly acceptable. This clearly shows there will be a shift towards catering for mobile traffic even, though the desktop will remain important.

Emergence of virtual reality

There are lots of VR devices slated to be released over the next few years. Many of them are targeted at the gaming public, but others are set to be used in a wide range of environments.  One of the most well-known VR devices today is the Oculus Rift and it is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2016. The device, and other similar ones, are expected to be integrated with video channels, direct messaging and social media. This will invariably lead to a new medium of online advertising. There are arguments that virtual reality will never really take off, but the smart money says it is an idea whose time has come.