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ImAFish was started on the 5th of June 2001 and is the brainchild of Pete White, Ben Powell and James Vardill. Since then James has left the site and Ben has taken a more advisory role while Pete has turned the site into his homepage and blog.

The name comes from an episode of the BBC sitcom Red Dwarf where Rimmer writes I'm A Fish hundreds of times on his exam paper. It came from a time where names such as Google and Yahoo were very popular but it also sits nicely in the web 2.0 era. It is often a popular talking point when introducing people to the site.

ImAFish enjoys a popular following from around the world however has deep roots in Shrewsbury and Coventry (where Pete and Ben live and attended University respectively). The forum has a Shrewsbury based crowd that often discuss local issues and nightlife. As well as being an author of many articles and blog posts Pete has a keen interest in photography and media. Work can be found in their respective areas.

In January 2003 the hosting arm of ImAFish was spun off to form Switchweb. As a low cost hosting specialist Switchweb provides its services to individuals and business' around the UK. Switchweb has been profitable from the start and all money made goes into reinvesting in ImAFish.

ImAFish's current version is 10.3 - Kipper and reflects Pete's desire to simplfy the site and make the content as accessible as possible. The entire site is powered by the CMS Drupal apart from the Forum which is powered by PHPBB.

By day Pete White works for The Web Orchard in Shrewsbury, his day to day work includes web development for international clients including Aston Martin, Honda, Enviros, Biotivia and local clients including Marches Energy Agency.

To find out more about Pete White please visit his website.

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