You can’t turn on the television or open your Facebook feed without reading a political news or opinion article. Democrats, Republicans, and everyone who identifies somewhere between are watching the United States as it navigates what can only be described as a political divide. For some, the situation is uninteresting or stressful, but for people who enjoy politics, it is an interesting topic for conversation and debate. Now, Redwerk has gotten into the political game in the literal sense of the word. combines arcade-style gaming with politics to create a unique gaming experience.

First Impressions

Upon opening the game, the first thing you’ll notice is the caricatures. Whether intentional or not, Donald Trump sits to the left of the game and Hillary Clinton sits to the right — the exact opposites of where they fall on the political spectrum. Like most caricatures, the likeness is slightly exaggerated, but the art is excellent and not over the top. The first thing asks you to do is to log in. You can either do so as a guest or link to your Facebook account. From there, you’ll decide whether to play as a Democrat or a Republican.

How to Play the Game

Just like real life politics, the object of the game is to win the most votes. Players begin as a small party cell that grows as they collect votes and financial contributions. Other players are moving around the board at the same time. Players should avoid opposing parties that are bigger than theirs but chase down and consume opposing parties that are smaller. Other players aren't the only pitfalls, either. Players also need to work to navigate around protests, dislikes and damaging evidence like foreign donations and email scandals.

Game Controls

People who choose to play on their desktop or laptop computers will use the mouse to control their political cell. The closer the cursor is to the cell, the slower it will move. The further away it is, the faster the cell moves. Players can use the faster flow to navigate to groups of votes and donations and switch to the slower flow to move through the groups and more easily avoid dislikes and other negative impacts. When necessary, players can hold their mouse button for a quick boost of speed, but this function should be used sparingly since it uses votes to perform.

Winning the Game

Simply put, players win the game improving their party’s rating with likes, votes, and financial donations. At the top right of the game screen, players can check out a list of other players. The list includes players’ names, how many points they have, and where that puts them on the leaderboard, making it easy to see who the real competition is.

Symbols in the Game features several symbols players must pay attention to as they navigate the map. Financial donations, likes, and votes are available in the form of orange dollar signs, blue like buttons, and yellow checkmarks. Players should avoid purple dislike buttons, purple protest buttons, and red scandal signs. Be careful when navigating to new parts of the map as there could be a large foreign donation or email scandal right in the path.

Other Notes

Like most arcade games, provides players with a predetermined number of lives. Unlike other arcade games that usually only offer three or five to start, this game gives players 10 lives. A new life is available every 30 minutes and players can rate the game to get more if they would like to.

Final Thoughts is a fast-paced and fun game that is perfect for anyone who has basic political knowledge and a love for classically styled arcade games. The easy controls and simple rules make it perfect for people of all ages. Adults can use the game to pass the time as they watch TV, ride the train or bus to work, or wait for a conference call to begin. Teachers can use it for students who are just beginning to learn the basics of politics and enjoy learning via gaming. is available as a web-based app or as a download for Apple or Android smartphones and mobile devices. Should you decide to play, don’t forget to show your high scores off to your friends via Facebook sharing.

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