Subscribe to ImAFish

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Jun 2006

Did you know you can get automatic updates from ImAFish in your browser without even having to visit the site?

RSS feeds contain the latest posts from the various ImAFish services and you can easily subscribe to any or all of them within Firefox.

Not got Firefox? The safest and most secure browser on the Internet.

In order to put these feeds into Firefox do the following:

1. Click the menu Bookmarks then Manage Bookmarks

*The Bookmark Manager will open*

2. Click File then New Live Bookmark

3. Enter the address of the RSS feed you want to subscribe to by copying and pasting one of the following:




Extra (Beta) (Interesting news stories from around the web read more)

Click OK.

4. Drag your new live Bookmark to the Bookmark toolbar folder

*This will then display new posts in the Bookmarks bar in Firefox*

You can then close the Bookmark manager.

If the Bookmarks bar is not shown click View > Toolbars > Bookmark Bar.

Many other websites such as BBC news and the Guardian have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to in order to get automatic news so keep your eye out for the Orange RSS feed icon on websites.


PDF of some of my blog posts:

Hi to everyone!!!
I've been working on a new website,, which aims at providing webmasters a tool for providing their sites' RSS feeds as a PDF document. It allows aggregating up to 5 feeds into a single PDF document. You can even choose the font for the PDF. The site also offers tools for adding this capability to any website, much like rss2pdf does but with several advantages over it.

Kind regards,