New iTunes

By Pete | @kingpetey | 13 Sep 2006

Yesterday Apple released iTunes 7 with some funky new interface updates. We didn't get a movie store like in the US but we did get some ipod games! While i'm not sure that the games will turn the ipod into the next gameboy they are cheaply priced and does open the ipod up for a lot of new potential applications

Here are a few of the cool new improvements in iTunes.

The first one is the cover browser that lets you scroll through your music via the cover images:

cover images
The next view now shows the album art along with the tracks, I have then ordered it by album.


Finally the ipod connection interface has been updated and there are now more options for which media to sync to your ipod (without having to go into preferences).


Some great updates to iTunes well worth the download.


I agree - iTunes has had a worthwhile makeover. Had a few problems getting my album artwork downloaded though. Some of the covers were not available, even though the albums are mainstream titles.

I know wot u mean about the Album art, it managed to find art for about half my library.

The album art brower idea is riped from Cover Flow

Ive managed to find album artwork for every song in my library and I have some pretty random songs in there. I like the fact that if you cant find it using iTunes you can add your own picture to it in the file info