With millions of players resorting to the fun bingo games, there are many to look into. As the world is evolving with different games. When I talk about evolving, I mean the game patterns, did you know now there are 80 ball bingo patterns and 50 ball patters. With each of these patterns, now there is an availability of various games with interesting formats to follow.


The British film industry has played a significant role in world cinema for more than a century. It reached its golden age in the 1940s when directors such as Carol Reed, David Lean and Michael Powell were active. Since then many British actors, such as John Hurt, Judi Dench, Michael Caine and Sean Connery have gone on to achieve international critical success. Some of the biggest returns at the box office have also been made in the UK, such as with the James Bond and Harry Potter franchises.


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We all love a good play on a console; no other device lets you as easily replicate and experience the excitement of racing around Le Mans at 190 miles per hour, the beauty and majesty of strolling through an impeccably crafted fantasy realm, or the fear and tension of a war torn battlefield. Different consoles are, obviously, better at affording different experiences for players however, and while big name releases will undoubtedly be released across a variety of different systems, certain genres and play styles are inherently better on certain systems.

Fantasy Canopies

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Aug 2014

Canopies play a big role in our daily lives but they are often overlooked. They also have been present in some of the most iconic film and TV sets and scenes. Clovis Canopies have created this infographic to illustrate just some of the scenes and sets that they have been present in. From the magical world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, to Louisiana in the dark and mysterious True Detective.


Here are a selection of great OS X shortcuts:

cmd + shift + 3 - screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 - cropped screenshot
cmd + shift + 3 then press spacebar will crop the screenshot around the current window

ctrl + cmd + space - full emoji keyboard

cmd + ~ - switches between windows in same application

shift + option when changing volume uses quarter increments

cmd + option + shift + V - paste & match text formatting


Do you realize that cable TV monthly expenses eat a considerable part of your monthly earnings. Generally, these run down to as much as $100, while you watch only few of the shows. To be able to add only the premium channels to the cart, still isn't possible. Do you think, watching cable TV is old school when you can easily download or stream the movies and TV series from paid subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV and Hulu.