Great Offer from Tesco

Spotted earlier this week in Tesco:

Devil on Chat Roulette

We spent an evening on Chat Roulette - this is what we came across:

Some sort fluffy toy.

At first he was like...

And then he was...

First of many hotties.

Dont spill that drink.


The Devil was recruiting.


Nice bum.

One of many.

Too easy.

Nice glasses.

Nice mask.

Really shocked.

One of many well designed signs.

Really really shocked.

Really really really shocked.

Nice eyes.

Too young.

They made the Devil laugh.

**** ***

You cannot scare the Devil.

The Devil is amused.

A fan.

Super shocked!

ImAFish Signs Book Deal

World famous ImAFish has signed its first book deal off the back of the hugely sucessful Travel Photography book. The deal worth around £1 million covers the next four books:

  • ImAFish - A Decade at the Top of Blogging
  • How to add the Words 'World Famous' Before Anything
  • ImAFish - A Musical Journey the Book
  • The Importance of Being Pete White

*Please note this was an April Fool!

Best Motivational Posters Part 2 [NSFW]

Part 2 of our best motivational posters series. Read part 1 here.



The Rules of Fight Club

Taken from my gym and fixed:

Snow Man

Snowman we built this evening:


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