Do you realize that cable TV monthly expenses eat a considerable part of your monthly earnings. Generally, these run down to as much as $100, while you watch only few of the shows. To be able to add only the premium channels to the cart, still isn't possible. Do you think, watching cable TV is old school when you can easily download or stream the movies and TV series from paid subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Fire TV and Hulu.

But these days, people are going one step further and they use BitTorrent to view anything for free. Wondering what it is? BitTorrent is a file sharing network that allows people to share large files among the computers. These files might be videos, movies, music or computer programs. Don't be in a hurry to download it yet! There is much more to it.

When you download a TV series or movie from iTunes, the computer makes a single connection with the iTunes computer. But when you try to open the BitTorrent on your computer, your computer connects to a network of several other computers. In turn they become giant computing teams. When you download the movie using BitTorrent program, it locate all the computers that have the same movie and then reassemble the pieces in the movie format. It is more like zillion packages being delivered to your doorstep with the super-fast robot, the BitTorrent to unpack and then assemble them.

No No, it is not that simple! Now that your system is a part of the team of BitTorrent, the tiny pieces of the movie files are available to send to other computers that request the movie. So, in short you not only download but also upload the files. Hang on! The real catch isn't this.

The team that you are a part of now is not a protected or moderated in any way. As your computer is connected to other computer networks, it makes it susceptible to hacking and viruses. Remember, the movie is free for taking and so are your bank account details. Just to save few dollars, you might end up losing the lifetime savings. The other thing you need to keep your system protected is a good Antivirus system. To save money you must check and find promotional codes to get discounts.

The other problem is that this platform of sharing is not legal. Yes, you read it right. It is illegal to use BitTorrent. Technically, it is fine to share your own files, but in case the file is the latest movie or episode of popular TV series, you might end up in problem. Remember, both downloading and uploading copyright material is illegal and a criminal offense.

So, before you give to the temptation to download using BitTorrent, weigh both the pros and cons of entering this arena. It is best to look for codes for Netflix.

Now that you understand the major pros and cons, enter at your own risk. Just consider this: When you BitTorrent a movie, you are not only downloading, you are also uploading. Free stuff comes in, and free stuff goes out.  Are you prepared to give as much or more than you receive?

Manchester Wedding Cars

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Jun 2011

This is a special guest post by Broadoak of Manchester.

"Over 10,000 Wedding Rentals overseen personally by Tony Since 1974

Choose with confidence from the largest selection of wedding cars & carriages in the World.

Every Wedding booking is tailor made to suit your particular requirements. Our friendly, helpful staff will advise on every aspect of wedding transportation, from the bride arriving exactly on time (or two minutes late by tradition) to providing wedding transport for family and guests.

We can tell you all about the Wedding Cars and Carriages and should your requirements warrant it we can suggest possible combinations of vehicles that will be practical whilst remaining complementary to the transportation of the most important person of the day - the Bride.

When you book with us you can be assured of individuality reflecting only the very highest standards of quality and service."

WS4X4 have just released there latest offering to the 4x4 world by way of their Predator range of bumpers and suspension brackets. These brackets have been designed in conjunction with  Bryn Hemming, a well respected name in the off-roading world.  
These brackets will be featuring at the Transylvania trophy in Romania on the week commencing the 5th july 2010, where they are fitted to a Land Rover 90 trayback driven by Clive Billing. The Transylvania trophy is a very tough 6 day cross country event that tests both driver and car to its limits.
These brackets are a direct replacement for the original land rover manufactures equipment which means you are able to obtain massive travel and far superior off-road ability on the most factory standard of vehicles. Finished in a fetching pure orange powder coating they not only improve the ability of the vehicle but the looks of it as well.
The front turrets come in 3 sizes, standard height, plus 45mm and -45mm allowing the fitment of a wide range of shock absorbers. The rear brackets come in one of two settings. Both configurations allow for a marked improvement in the off-roading capability of your vehicle. For more technical information please contact WS4x4 at

The following article is by a guest writer Martin Weatherall, an advocate in the harmful effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR). This article comes from his work detailing sources of EMR from dangerous antennas in the area of Woodstock Ontario. Having being effected by EMR himself Martin put together the following list of cancer causing points.

I was surprised just how many I get exposed to on a daily basis. "Cancer is one of the most popular illnesses at present, why be left out? Why be one of the few that does not develop cancer? Here are a few tips and ideas to ensure that you are also included in the great cancer lottery! RADIATION, RADIATION, RADIATION, it is simple, find a good source of non ionizing radiation, (the so-called 'safe stuff' – not the nuclear) and you have a great chance of getting cancer. You and your family may be lucky enough to develop some of the bonus illnesses, the new designer radiation illnesses, such as: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, Fybromyalgia, Severe Allergies, Diabetes, Leukemia and Alzheimer's. You also may suffer old favorites such as Heart Attack, Stroke and Arthritis.

Here are some simple ideas to assist you to get cancer:

1. Use a CELL (mobile) PHONE, use it long and often, the high level of radiation being delivered to your head will provide you with a good chance of brain cancer.

2. Use a CORDLESS PHONE, another good source of radiation to cause brain cancer.

3. Get a DECT CORDLESS PHONE, this baby will not only radiate you when you are talking on it but will radiate your whole house twenty-four hours a day. This is a great way to get your entire family radiated. If you leave it next to your head while you are sleeping, it will be more effective. If you live in an apartment, you can radiate the people in the next unit. This is a real cheap way to do serious harm, no sign up fees, no monthly charges, and no charge for usage, just leave this in the charger; it will do the rest.

4. Attach a WiFi (wireless) system to your computer, it will radiate anyone using the computers in your home and may spread the radiation throughout the entire house. Just leave it turned on and forget about it, ill health should follow.

5. Cook with a MICROWAVE, you do not even have to stand close to the unit, it will cover the entire kitchen and a few other nearby rooms with radiation. You get the added bonus of destroying food nutrition at the same time, another help to cancer.

6. Drive a nice MODERN CAR with lots of gadgets and computerized equipment; drive it long distances for long periods of time. This will ensure that you are well covered in electro magnetic fields, another form of radiation that will harm your body. To make the car even more unhealthy, get a GPS system. If you then use a cell phone in the car, the radiation will bounce all around the interior and radiate you and the other occupants from all different directions. The cell phone will also power up to high power, in order to get transmission out of this 'metal box'.

7. When you sleep, have a CLOCK RADIO, BEDSIDE LIGHTS, TELEPHONE and EXTENSION CORDS near to the bed. This will ensure that you will be receiving a large amount of Electro Magnetic Radiation from the wiring and the appliances. This is a really good way of getting cancer because your body will not be able to recover and rejuvenate itself, as it should during sleep.

8. Use an ELECTRIC BLANKET, keep it turned on and plugged in. This radiates a very high source of Electro Magnetic Radiation through your entire body and should eventually cause some real damage.

9. Visit your MD, your doctor will probably advise you that there is no danger from these devices. You will probably be told that Health Canada and the World Health Organization think these devices are safe and there is more evidence that shows that they are safe than there is evidence, which shows those are causing cancer and very serious harm to health? This will give you a great false sense of security and you can get cancer without even worrying about it.

10. Get WIRELESS GAMES for the kids. This should keep them happy and radiated for many hours. They may even develop A.D.D. and you get the residue radiation.

11. Have a WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM. Radiate any burglars and your family.

12. Use a WIRELESS THERMOMETER and all kinds of other wireless devices.

13. Live near a LARGE TRANSMITTING ANTENNA. You will be well received.

14. If you have lots of property, invite cell phone companies to install a CELL PHONE MAST and antennas on your land, you get the house radiated, all your property and the neighbors too! Cancer and you get paid for it. Does it get any better?

15. Live near to HIGH POWER ELECTRICAL TRANSMISSION LINES, they should give you quite a great buzz.

16. Live near to a TRANSFORMER or an ELECTRICAL SUB-STATION, you can be the 'live-wire' of the area.

17. Work in an OFFICE ENVIRONMENT with WiFi, computers, electronic equipment wireless telephones and electrical wiring close to your body.

18. Work with POWER TOOLS such as power saws and electrical welding equipment. They cause very high electro magnetic fields. A new way of getting a 'buzz cut'.

19. Sleep near to a FUSE PANEL, DISTRIBUTION BOX. This is another great source of very high levels of EMFs. You will be empowered!

20. Spend lots of time at your KITCHEN SINK, you will probable get GROUND CURRENT ELECTRICITY. This may enter your house from the power utilities electrical distribution system and come in through the water pipes. It may pass through your body and deliver lots of dangerous high frequency radiation.

21 Get lots of X-RAYS and CT SCANS, this is the real heavy-duty radiation, known to cause serious damage in just seconds. Don't wait for your doctor to suggest x-rays.

There are lots more sources of Electro Magnetic Radiation that can help you to develop cancer. The best way is to combine several of these sources together. It is very easy to do because most modern homes have all or most of these serious pollutants easily available. Remember! - The more radiation the merrier and more chance of cancer!

You can also add to your chances of getting cancer by the old stand-byes, smoking, and air pollution and chemical pollution. Mixed with the radiation they should work great! Of course the opposite is also true! If you want to protect yourself from these dangers, start taking action to avoid exposure and tell others what they should avoid!" Relevant sites: