Fantasy Canopies

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Aug 2014

Canopies play a big role in our daily lives but they are often overlooked. They also have been present in some of the most iconic film and TV sets and scenes. Clovis Canopies have created this infographic to illustrate just some of the scenes and sets that they have been present in. From the magical world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, to Louisiana in the dark and mysterious True Detective.
Fictional Canopies
Canopies Content by Clovis Canopies a leading manufacturer of outdoor canopies and shelters for schools, hospitals and commercial premises.

Interacting with Shrewsbury Town Council will soon be quicker and easier after councillors approved plans for a new website.

At a meeting of the Finance & General Purposes committee on Monday [4 AUG] members appointed Shrewsbury based company, The Web Orchard, to re-design the existing site following a robust selection process.

The brief was to make the existing website simpler to use, and more responsive, ensuring that visitors will be able to find what they are looking for within a few clicks.

The new site will be built using responsive technology to recognise which type of device people are using and adjust accordingly.

The design of the previous website, which is five years old, was found to be outdated and difficult to navigate, particularly on mobile and tablet devices. The new design will remove some large blocks of text and replace these with clear icons guiding users to the pages they need.

Work on the new website, which will sit on the existing platform at, is already underway, with a prototype due to be presented to councillors in October.

Councillor Alan Mosley said:  “Soon after taking over the leadership of the Council we recognised that our website was outdated and, as part of our revised Communications Strategy, we resolved to change it to something more fit for purpose.  We want a website that will allow the Council to get closer to its residents, one that is more open and accessible and user friendly for all types of devices.

“The re-designed site will be attractive and informative, while giving opportunities for feedback and consultation with residents.  We want the new website to link with all our partners as we work together at putting Shrewsbury first.”

Pete White, director at The Web Orchard added: "We're delighted to be selected to re-build the Shrewsbury Town Council website and are already busy working on the project. There are some interesting challenges that we are looking forward to tackling."

Shrewsbury based website developers The Web Orchard are pleased to announce today, their Platinum level sponsorship of the fifth annual ShropGeek (R)Evolution Conference - which is taking place this September.

The exciting and lively ShropGeek (R)Evolution Conference will see more than 200 people from all over the web-world, join together for a very unique full-day web conference in Shropshire's stunning county town. Entrepreneurs and business professionals will combine their varied backgrounds and internet experiences, to share what makes things faster, stronger and better when it comes to anything world wide web!

2014 will mark the conference's fifth year of successful operation - and it will be the first year that The Web Orchard have pledged Platinum sponsorship.

Speaking of the support which The Web Orchard will be providing this year, Pete White said "We may be a rural county and away from the busy life of the cities, but Shropshire has just as much to offer in terms of web and commercial opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. There are so many people here in Shropshire that are making real successes of the web, for example full-time Bloggers right through to substantial companies - and the ShropGeek conference aims to celebrate these achievements, as well as provide professional development for those who attend."

The ShropGeek (R)Evolution conference is being held at Shrewsbury's Conference Centre and is taking place on Friday 26th September 2014. The special event is delivered and organised by national industry-recognised experts - and the primary aim is to support the UK's digital community. Shropshire people with a passion and interest for the web, are encouraged to consider attending this year.

Platinum sponsors, The Web Orchard, have recently completed new websites for clients including Shropshire Fire and Rescue and Telford Shopping Centre. They are a Drupal specialist and Pete White is also a professional blogger, as well as Editor of the popular Love Shrewsbury website. For further information on the ShropGeek conference, visit:

The Top 8 Reasons to Vape

By Pete | @kingpetey | 30 Jun 2014

Vaping has become one of the biggest phenomenons in the past couple of years and there are many positives over traditional cigarettes, here are the top 8:

1. Cost, e-cigarettes don’t come with all the added tax that traditional cigarettes have, but even considering that they are considerably cheaper to use.

2. No bad odours, unlike traditional cigarettes there are no nasty smells, in fact there is often the pleasant smell left over by the flavoured liquid you are using.  

3. Multiple flavours, e liquids come in a wide range of flavours including strawberry, black jack, bubblegum, cola, vanilla, apple, lemon & lime, pineapple and mojito! 

4. Not covered by smoking ban, e-cigarettes are not covered by the UK smoking ban so you are free to use them anywhere, this includes public places, pubs and your works vehicles. 

5. The health benefits of vaping are still unproven, however given that smoking cigarettes can cause a whole range of conditions anything that removes traditional smoking can be seen as beneficial. 

6. Social status, society often looks down on cigarette smokers, however vaping is seen as the new cool thing to do.  

7. Time, an e-cigarette can last for hours so whether your in the mood for a short fix or a chilling session your e-cigarette is always ready.

8. Charge, even if your e-cigarette is low on juice, just a few minutes charge will get it going again.

  • Packages from only £19 per year
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A Shropshire web host has relaunched this week with three new packages in its low cost PHP/MYSQL hosting range. The Entry Cloud package comes with 500mb storage and 1gb of monthly bandwidth for only £19 per year. The £29/year Business Cloud package comes with 5gb of storage and 10gb of monthly bandwidth whilst the Enterprise Cloud package comes with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth for only £39/year.

Any of the packages are ideal for many of the popular web apps such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB. With Switchweb’s easy to use control panel any of the above can be installed just with one-click through the web browser or smartphone. 

All hosting accounts come with unlimited email accounts, auto-responders, forwarders and mailing lists as well as essential junk mail filters and webmail access.

Switchweb have invested heavily in their cloud technology with 24x7 network and hardware monitoring and servers are custom built by industry-leading experts using high quality Dell and Intel hardware.

Formed in 2003, Switchweb Web Hosting have eleven proven years in delivering reliable, fast, feature rich hosting that is essential to businesses and organisations. 

We invite you to visit the new Switchweb web site and check out our packages and features. If you have any questions our friendly support are always on hand to assist.

Iraq Business News is Web Company's Latest Venture

The Web Orchard a Shropshire based web-development company has announced today a joint venture with the purchase of an international news website.

The Iraq Business News website originally launched in February 2010 has grown to become the leading news service for all who are interested in the business development in Iraq. Offering a unique and in-depth perspective, the website aims to highlight Iraq and the modern economy which is being brought into place.

Iraq Business News and its sister site Libya Business News give site visitors a wide variety of informative news coverage – receiving approximately 300,000 page visits per month, demonstrating the demand and interest in their respective countries for new economic opportunities in the commercial sector.

Speaking of the recent acquisition in part of the company, Pete White of The Web Orchard said “We have been managing the website for a number of years and knew what a fantastic opportunity it was to become part of the current team. We can really bring our expertise to the site starting with a content delivery network that serves the site to viewers from their most geographically local server. This will speed up access and better serve the ever growing readership. It is always positive when we are able to make our expertise known internationally – and we are looking forward to seeing the Iraq Business News website evolve in the future.”

The Web Orchard brings Iraq Business News into their increasingly diverse portfolio of sites which also includes the Love Shrewsbury website. 

Visit or to see the websites for yourself.

For further information on other projects which The Web Orchard have been working on recently, take a look at

The web development arm of Shrewsbury based IT firm Information Solutions Limited has donated a new website to the Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings. The site showcases latest news and media from the Friends as well as its background and history.

Built using the Drupal 7 content management system the Friends have the ability to manage all the content and media on the site through the web browser. The new site stands them on a much stronger foundation for the future and will help in their fund raising and project promotion efforts.

There have been a number of sets backs in the buildings construction work since Christmas however the Friends are still pushing forward and are hopeful that with English Heritage taking charge that the work will commence soon.

Managing Director of Information Solutions Limited, Nathan Bensley-Edwards commented “We’re keen to support local groups and the Flaxmill Maltings project has an especially strong cultural significance to the town. We have close ties with the area with our office only being a short walk away and a number of employees living close to the development.”

Formed in August 2010, the Friends aim to promote the conservation, preservation and restoration of the buildings known as the Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings

Information Solutions paired with their web consultancy, The Web Orchard, offer world class technology solutions from their offices in Shrewsbury, UK. In 2012 & 2013 the company was awarded a ‘Mayor of Shrewsbury’ award for their outstanding contribution to the community.

The website of the Friends can be viewed at

For more about The Web Orchard either email or call 01743 343411.

Casinos in Shropshire

By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 Feb 2014

Shropshire's gaming schene is under served compared to other local towns and cities with Birmingham being the closest casino city with a Broadway, Genting and Grosvenor casinos.

For gamers in the area there are no shortages of betting shops from the major providers. The town is also well served by the Bingo Hall on castle gates, the club offers parking, a cash machine, slot machines, a bar, a diner and is disabled friendly.

For the residents of Shrewsbury the convenient option is to play through sites such as, this gives players the most options with games including poker, roulette and blackjack.

Online casinos are becoming ever more convenient with the increasing rise of the internet. Getting the best odds and playing a wide range of casino games is at the finger tips of millions of people.

Betting ‘in play’ (the ability to gamble whilst an event is in progress, such as a football game or Formula 1 race) brings a whole new level of excitement to an event.

People can be sitting at their sofa or even at the event betting on their phone. It’s estimated that almost a third of all online bets are placed in play, many through smart phones and websites.

Speedquizzing app - a review

By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 Nov 2013

Just when you think that there is nothing left that an app can improve, something completely new and utterly brilliant comes along. Check out the app that promises to transform the way you play your favourite pub quiz.

Speedquizzing is the future

The Speedquizzing app is the brainchild of ex Shed Seven drummer Alan Leach, along with his brother John, who provides the tech development side. 

They came up with the idea after Alan decided there must be a way to link up modern tech with the pub quizzes he had been running for years. And they soon found there was. 

What makes it great?

It’s great for the teams and the quiz master, making it easy and fast to run. The benefits of speed quizzing come in many forms, from the huge database of questions the developers have sourced to the instant results from the central computer. 

Teams can also use their mobile device as a buzzer for quick fire rounds and the way the questions are asked, answered and marked means there’s no longer any room for that bane of the pub quiz - cheating. 

Players can download an app from iOS or Google Play and any mobile device compatible with these operating systems will work - it can be a tablet or a smartphone and just one is needed per team. 

How does it work?

The quiz master simply downloads the Speedquizzing software onto a laptop and the teams download the free app to their smartphone or tablet.

Questions are selected randomly from the massive database, meaning there is no chance of pulling the exact same quiz twice. Subjects covered are many and varied and all come together to make an eclectic yet balanced quiz for customers to enjoy. 

As marks are instantaneous Speedquizzing cuts out the boring faff that comes along with many pub quizzes, while teams wait for their papers to be marked and argue the toss over answers. With Speedquizzing it’s crisp, efficient and finally drags the pub quiz into the 21st century. 

The tech used is slick and sophisticated and the team have made it a seamless experience for the quiz master and quizzers alike - all in all a pretty perfect example of how an app can take something that’s already great and make it even better. 

Great second income

The beauty of Speedquizzing is it’s great to play but it’s also great to run your own quiz night using the software. It could work out as either a good second income or provide some part time hours for you, while giving you the opportunity to work for yourself.

Speedquizzing launched in 2012 and the app has been really successful with Speedquizzing events going on throughout the UK, in some parts of the US and even reaching Australia. 

The app and tech is easy to use from both sides and provides a fuss free way to play - what are you waiting for? Give it a go!