Since the Apple iPhone and Google’s Android phone were launched in 2007 and 2008, respectively, there has been constant competition between the two platforms. While both phones have their staunch supporters, obvious pros and flaws, and very different ways of operating, it is important for business owners to understand what’s on offer when they purchase either.

Apple versus Google

Rivalry has existed between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android offering for as long as both platforms have existed and, since 2008, the two have dominated the mobile market, sharing over 90% of profits between them. These days, mobile platforms are becoming more of a priority as building apps, keeping up to date with information, communicating to the world, and networking via social media become more important. Although Google’s Android phone began to show a clear lead in profits in 2012, it is important to remember that sales figures won’t necessarily reflect what’s best for your business; researching the right technology for your business is absolutely vital.

The first thing to ascertain before making any final decisions regarding your mobile platform choice is how each will benefit your company; this must be a business-led decision, after all. Apple’s iPhone is renowned for being user-friendly and reliable, and comprises hardware and software that is fully compatible, throwing up few interface problems. Apple’s platform is known for working seamlessly between products and, if you have a lot of technology to incorporate, can be incredibly time-saving and cost-effective. Do you work in marketing, advertising, sales, or the creative industries? The iPhone’s camera is often regarded as second to none, and can be used alongside a number of Apple programs to create some truly stunning results. Interested in Android? While the iPhone is often heralded for its reliability, it’s also known for its many development restrictions, something that the Android phone has so far bypassed; the Android is known to be adaptable, innovative, and flexible, and is the right choice if you’re looking for a platform that allows you to stay current with fewer system updates. A reputable online technology news site can offer more in depth analysis of the relative advantages and disadvantages of both. systems

Keeping abreast of technology with smart platforms

It’s important for businesses to maintain their knowledge of technology, and to keep up to date with the advancements and innovations on offer within their field. There are some businesses, such as those in the development of mobile apps, which would benefit from the use of both the iPhone and Android. Utilising software and hardware on both Apple and Google devices could well provide advancements for a business, and operating duel systems can really widen your market. Using both iPhone and Android offers a dynamic approach to development and, if you’re in the business of creating mobile apps, is a fantastic strategy for understanding what the customer wants and needs, as well as fulfilling your own requirements.

Is this all a little too much to take in? Choosing the best platform for your business is now one of the most important decisions you’re likely to make, and it is reassuring to know that there are experts waiting to discuss your options with you, as well as offering comprehensive data for each update.

Kitchen gadgets are not what they used to be. A combination of new technologies and a growing market, with more and more young people taking an interest in cooking, has led to rapid improvements. With great gadgets like these in your kitchen, you can really take the trouble out of cooking – and put the fun in.

Food processors

Today’s food processors are much more flexible than they used to be, with many different inserts suited to different kinds of task. The Breville Sous Chef food processor even has a variable slicing disc so that you can choose how finely you want it to chop things, whilst the Kenwood Multipro Classic has a 1,000W motor for remarkable power and fine speed control. If these aren’t quite flexible enough for your needs, you can also get excellent hand mixers with adjustable settings.

Coffee machines

From their humble origins as mere labour saving devices, coffee machines have become better at making coffee than the experts, no matter what your preference. You can keep things simple with a compact model like the Tassimo T12 VIVY or invest in something larger that will make you lattes, espressos, cappuccinos or flavoured drinks. The Tassimo hot chocolate machine shares their hi-tech features, delivering your drink at just the right temperature, perfectly prepared – and all these machines are guaranteed to look stylish in your kitchen.

Vegetable cutters

You may think that all you need for vegetables are a chopping board and a good knife, but if you want to speed the process up or do something more interesting with them, there are a number of modern gadgets that can come in handy. Lakeland’s Vegetable Spiraliser turns vegetables into fine, looping strands that look fantastic in salad or stir fry, whilst the Magimix Mini Chopper is fantastic for very fine chopping or puréeing. Improving blade technology also means that the traditional mandolin is better than ever for fast chopping.

Rice cookers

The humble rice cooker has been transformed from its ancient low tech origins into a stylish futuristic machine, something so useful that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker brings Japanese tech into play and produces soft, fluffy rice perfect for donburi, whilst you can also use it to cook other grains, from oats to quinoa; the Tiger Electric rice Cooker has a toasting option which scorches some of the grains to give your rice dishes a nutty flavour. Look for machines that use induction cooking to make sure the rice will be cooked evenly all the way through.

Re-equipping your kitchen with devices like this will enable you to prepare food and drink more quickly and easily than ever, and to produce better quality culinary creations. They’re a big help if you’re a busy person with a family to feed and they’re fantastic if you’re entertaining. Hi-tech cooking is enabling chefs to create brand new dishes with lots of character – it’s time to explore it for yourself.

Solar Panels Take Off

By Pete | @kingpetey | 12 Mar 2015

Solar panels are beginning to make fuel-free traveling around the world possible. The first such flight is currently conducted on a new solar airplane, Solar Impulse 2.

This solar panel plane was created to challenge every conventional fuel-based means of transportation. It's not the very first project, however, but the stakes are rather high this time, and the plane is set to fly around the world both at night and day time. This event will completely revolutionize our technological progress, significantly reduce fuel dependency, and help to promote a greener environment. 

The plane consists of several solar panels that break down into more than 17,000 solar cells that gather sun energy, which then is stored in lithium polymer batteries. The plane is light and robust. There're, however, some minor drawbacks. First, it's width; it's wider than a Boeing. It was increased to make the aerodynamics more efficient.

Second, Solar Impulse 2 has a rather small motor that doesn't allow speeds higher than an average car (between 36-140 km/h). Lastly, its production involves pricey technology, such as tools for PV panel characterization that will most likely make its production limited. Despite these limitations, this aircraft is a sensational breakthrough in green technology.

There have been a great deal of changes in the business world, as the internet has become one of the most dominant ways of conducting business all over the world.

Constant commerce

Not very long ago, commerce was relegated to standard business hours. This made it hard for many smaller businesses to conduct business internationally. The internet allows business to continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all over the world. This opens up a lot of profit potential, even for small businesses. Now businesses don't just have to rely on local and regional sales to make a profit.


Deals and transactions that once took days can now be completed in minutes, thanks to online banking and email. In the past, when a customer wanted to order a product, they had to order via phone if they had a credit card, or send in an order form. Now with a few simple clicks, orders can be placed and shipments prepared in hardly any time at all.

Better organization

Paper can be hard to keep organized. With internet-based business, documents, records and other data are easily organized and accessible. No more searching through a file cabinet only to realize that what you need has been put in the wrong place, yet again.

Better communication

Easier and better communication has allowed for better control over supply chains and faster shipping of products from one location to another. Businesses can have workers throughout the world and they can contact each other at any time to coordinate business. As the internet has become part of everyday life, the cost of communication has dropped considerably. This means businesses are not spending thousands of dollars per month on long-distance phone fees or communicating less just to save money.

More environmentally friendly

Since a lot of business is now done digitally, less and less paper is used. This saves an enormous amount of money and reduces carbon dioxide released from shipping and manufacturing. In addition, less land is needed for the production of paper.

Business news online

Financial papers and magazines all have digital editions now and many people get all their news online rather than in paper form. On the downside, the internet age has caused job losses in some fields such as paper production, printing and administration. Some argue that although it is true that job losses have occurred, the internet has created other jobs that make up for the loss in one industry, therefore there is actually a net increase in jobs.

Some individuals in particular have helped the internet grow into what it is today. According to the bio of Robert Bonnier, he founded Freepages in 1994 to address the need for a great internet directory. In 1999, the company changed its name to and by 2005 so much business was being conducted online that the company was worth an astounding five billion dollars, proving the demand for internet listings.

Making the decision of which web-hosting company to use, can often be a challenging problem to address for many individuals and business owners. Shropshire based Switchweb exists to provide a low-cost solution to such an issue.

Switchweb is the perfect choice for any Wordpress or Drupal website - presenting an affordable web-hosting option that has a proven track record, having started originally in 2003.

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Switchweb has a proven track record of success, having started in 2003.

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Specifying who can access what data is a crucial component to enterprise mobile security. Many organizations around the world increasingly invest in mobile data management tools that allow them to apply security policy to mobile data management. Enterprise mobile application platforms such as KidoZen enable organizations to control access based on location, device, application, status, network and other factors. For example, they can specify dual-factor authorization for data requests that come from outside the U.S., refuse data access and wipe stored data from jail-broken iPhones, or limit customer data access to specific roles.

Fantasy Canopies

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Aug 2014

Canopies play a big role in our daily lives but they are often overlooked. They also have been present in some of the most iconic film and TV sets and scenes. Clovis Canopies have created this infographic to illustrate just some of the scenes and sets that they have been present in. From the magical world of Hogwarts in Harry Potter, to Louisiana in the dark and mysterious True Detective.
Fictional Canopies
Canopies Content by Clovis Canopies a leading manufacturer of outdoor canopies and shelters for schools, hospitals and commercial premises.

Interacting with Shrewsbury Town Council will soon be quicker and easier after councillors approved plans for a new website.

At a meeting of the Finance & General Purposes committee on Monday [4 AUG] members appointed Shrewsbury based company, The Web Orchard, to re-design the existing site following a robust selection process.

The brief was to make the existing website simpler to use, and more responsive, ensuring that visitors will be able to find what they are looking for within a few clicks.

The new site will be built using responsive technology to recognise which type of device people are using and adjust accordingly.

The design of the previous website, which is five years old, was found to be outdated and difficult to navigate, particularly on mobile and tablet devices. The new design will remove some large blocks of text and replace these with clear icons guiding users to the pages they need.

Work on the new website, which will sit on the existing platform at, is already underway, with a prototype due to be presented to councillors in October.

Councillor Alan Mosley said:  “Soon after taking over the leadership of the Council we recognised that our website was outdated and, as part of our revised Communications Strategy, we resolved to change it to something more fit for purpose.  We want a website that will allow the Council to get closer to its residents, one that is more open and accessible and user friendly for all types of devices.

“The re-designed site will be attractive and informative, while giving opportunities for feedback and consultation with residents.  We want the new website to link with all our partners as we work together at putting Shrewsbury first.”

Pete White, director at The Web Orchard added: "We're delighted to be selected to re-build the Shrewsbury Town Council website and are already busy working on the project. There are some interesting challenges that we are looking forward to tackling."

Shrewsbury based website developers The Web Orchard are pleased to announce today, their Platinum level sponsorship of the fifth annual ShropGeek (R)Evolution Conference - which is taking place this September.

The exciting and lively ShropGeek (R)Evolution Conference will see more than 200 people from all over the web-world, join together for a very unique full-day web conference in Shropshire's stunning county town. Entrepreneurs and business professionals will combine their varied backgrounds and internet experiences, to share what makes things faster, stronger and better when it comes to anything world wide web!

2014 will mark the conference's fifth year of successful operation - and it will be the first year that The Web Orchard have pledged Platinum sponsorship.

Speaking of the support which The Web Orchard will be providing this year, Pete White said "We may be a rural county and away from the busy life of the cities, but Shropshire has just as much to offer in terms of web and commercial opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. There are so many people here in Shropshire that are making real successes of the web, for example full-time Bloggers right through to substantial companies - and the ShropGeek conference aims to celebrate these achievements, as well as provide professional development for those who attend."

The ShropGeek (R)Evolution conference is being held at Shrewsbury's Conference Centre and is taking place on Friday 26th September 2014. The special event is delivered and organised by national industry-recognised experts - and the primary aim is to support the UK's digital community. Shropshire people with a passion and interest for the web, are encouraged to consider attending this year.

Platinum sponsors, The Web Orchard, have recently completed new websites for clients including Shropshire Fire and Rescue and Telford Shopping Centre. They are a Drupal specialist and Pete White is also a professional blogger, as well as Editor of the popular Love Shrewsbury website. For further information on the ShropGeek conference, visit: