By Pete | @kingpetey | 03 Dec 2008

I've recently signed up to LinkedIn and have been updating my profile:

I've been working on getting connections and recommendations. LinkedIn is aimed at social networking between business professionals. 

Has anyone else used LinkedIn and more importantly have they got business through it? Does it mainly cater for certain industries (tech I expect) or is there a wider appeal for the service?

Has anyone been recommended in their office to join the service?

ImAFish is pleased to launch their latest website - The site details technology fixes and answers for Windows XP, Server 2003, Mac OS X, Drupal 5 & 6, CSS and PHP.

Ben Powell and Pete White are using their day to day experience in I.T. support to post their common and interesting fixes discovered in their jobs.

Acer Aspire One - 1 Week On

By Pete | @kingpetey | 15 Oct 2008

Last week I discussed my latest purchase - the new Acer Aspire One. I first installed Windows XP however found that it ran fairly slowly. Applications such as Firefox were especially bad taking upto 30 seconds to load certain web pages. Firefox would often go into 'jelly' mode where the application would hang for 5-10 seconds at a time.

After a couple of days with XP I reinstalled the default OS, Linspire. This ran a lot quicker than XP however left much to be desired. Even after performing several tweaks and enabling advanced mode I still felt that the Aspire One could do a lot more.

*the rest of this post has become corrupted*

Acer Aspire One

By Pete | @kingpetey | 28 Sep 2008

Yesterday I got my hands on a brand new Acer Aspire One! The 25cm mini laptop currently on sale for £180 at Comet packs in great power and portability.
Tech Spec
Processor: 1.6ghz Intel AtomMemory: 512mbHard Drive: 8gig SSDScreen: 1024x600Battery: 3 Hours
(The version I have on the left and the slightly more powerful version on the right) Image Techfresh.
The Aspire One comes with a cut down version of Linspire however I soon replaced this with Windows XP. This is not to say there is anything wrong with Linspire and I'm considering restoring it however I was interested to see how well XP ran.
As there is no CD drive I installed this via a USB key. XP does not run as fast as Linspire however is an acceptable speed. As many of the applications I use in XP such as Firefox and Filezilla are available under Linspire then I'm undecided as to which OS to use.
The keyboard is a good size allowing typing at a similar speed to a full size keyboard and with a 1024x600 display webpages display well.
The Aspire One includes three USB ports, a VGA socket, gigabit Lan, headphones, microphone, 5 in 1 memory card reader and an SD expansion slot.

Our sister site has been updated with the latest iPods announced last week:

iPod Nano Forth Generation

iPod Touch Second Generation

iPod Classic 120gig

Which one will be on your Christmas list?

I've been using Twitter for a couple of months now, it's a mostly pointless service that I keep going back to. Some days I can think of lots to write but most days I can't think of anything. I think I'm trying too hard to post something useful or interesting rather than just something random.

I'm following a number of people now, some of them post generally interesting stuff thats happening others post crap.

Piclens is a plugin for Firefox that allows you to browse pictures in a fullscreen 3D envionment. It's 3D wall interface (pictured below) makes it effortless to browse thousands of photos quickly and easily.


Once you find a picture you like, a single click shows an enlarged version with any available description.

Sites have to be enabled to use Piclens however sites such as Flickr and some news sites have the ability to use it.

PicLens works on:

* YouTube
* Flickr
* Facebook
* MySpace
* Google Images
* Photobucket
* DeviantArt
* Picasa Web Albums
* Smugmug
* FotoTime
* Fotki
* Bebo Hi5
* Friendster
* Yahoo Image Search
* Ask Image Search
* Live Image Search
* AOL Image Search

My Life Feed

By Pete | @kingpetey | 06 Jul 2008

I've just added a life feed to ImAFish, it syndicates everything I do on Digg, Flickr, Twitter and ImAFish.

To get your own Life Feed on ImAFish there are instructions on the forum.

Has anyone else played around with life feeds - does anyone use them?

Here are some of my top tips for additional OS X functions, most have come from my experience at home and work.

1. Plugging in a TV or Second Monitor

Most Mac models come with an external connector for attaching additional screens (normally a mini DVI connector). From this you need a mini DVI to DVI connector then another cable to plug into your screen, this can be a DVI to VGA cable, DVI to DVI cable or as I have a DVI to HDMI cable. All the cables are very cheap and can normally be picked up from Ebay.

OS X should automatically detect the second screen plugged in and you can open system preferences to adjust the resolution. You may have to play around with the settings, my 26" LG HD TV looks best on 1280 x 720 rather than its native resolution.

Second Monitor

I've had my iMac plugged into my TV for the past 6 months and people still think its cool how I can move my mouse from one screen to another.

2. Sharing your Internet over Wireless.

While I was at University our local cable supplier didn't give out free wireless routers so to save buying one I shared the Internet out through my iMac's wireless. In Leopard the Internet can be shared from the Sharing section in System Preferences.

Sharing over Airport

3. Bluetooth Internet Through Your Phone

It usually takes ISP's about two weeks to put ADSL on a phone line. Clearly I couldn't be without Internet for two weeks so I turned to my mobile phone provider (T-Mobile) to hook me up to the net. Now that 3G signal is well established (and I have a 3G phone) I got speeds of around 3mb for

***Unfortunately the remainder of this article has become corrupt and lost :(***

It's been quiet here at ImAFish for the last week because we have been working on our latest project:

iPod History has pictures and details on every single iPod including size, battery life, compatibility and launch date.

The site is a great place to find out what others have to say about iPod models they have owned and to put across your views. It's still early days for the site so all comments are appreciated.

We have tried to make the site as informative as possible but are open to suggestions. If you like the site then please stumble it or add it to your blog!

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