Amazing Image Plugin For Firefox - PicLens

Piclens is a plugin for Firefox that allows you to browse pictures in a fullscreen 3D envionment. It's 3D wall interface (pictured below) makes it effortless to browse thousands of photos quickly and easily.


Once you find a picture you like, a single click shows an enlarged version with any available description.

Sites have to be enabled to use Piclens however sites such as Flickr and some news sites have the ability to use it.

PicLens works on:

* YouTube
* Flickr
* Facebook
* MySpace
* Google Images
* Photobucket
* DeviantArt
* Picasa Web Albums
* Smugmug
* FotoTime
* Fotki
* Bebo Hi5
* Friendster
* Yahoo Image Search
* Ask Image Search
* Live Image Search
* AOL Image Search

My Life Feed

I've just added a life feed to ImAFish, it syndicates everything I do on Digg, Flickr, Twitter and ImAFish.

To get your own Life Feed on ImAFish there are instructions on the forum.

Has anyone else played around with life feeds - does anyone use them?

10 Useful Mac Tips you might not have thought of

Here are some of my top tips for additional OS X functions, most have come from my experience at home and work.

1. Plugging in a TV or Second Monitor

Most Mac models come with an external connector for attaching additional screens (normally a mini DVI connector). From this you need a mini DVI to DVI connector then another cable to plug into your screen, this can be a DVI to VGA cable, DVI to DVI cable or as I have a DVI to HDMI cable. All the cables are very cheap and can normally be picked up from Ebay.

OS X should automatically detect the second screen plugged in and you can open system preferences to adjust the resolution. You may have to play around with the settings, my 26" LG HD TV looks best on 1280 x 720 rather than its native resolution.

Second Monitor

I've had my iMac plugged into my TV for the past 6 months and people still think its cool how I can move my mouse from one screen to another.

2. Sharing your Internet over Wireless.

While I was at University our local cable supplier didn't give out free wireless routers so to save buying one I shared the Internet out through my iMac's wireless. In Leopard the Internet can be shared from the Sharing section in System Preferences.

Sharing over Airport

3. Bluetooth Internet Through Your Phone

It usually takes ISP's about two weeks to put ADSL on a phone line. Clearly I couldn't be without Internet for two weeks so I turned to my mobile phone provider (T-Mobile) to hook me up to the net. Now that 3G signal is well established (and I have a 3G phone) I got speeds of around 3mb for

***Unfortunately the remainder of this article has become corrupt and lost :(***

iPod History - New Site From ImAFish

It's been quiet here at ImAFish for the last week because we have been working on our latest project:

iPod History has pictures and details on every single iPod including size, battery life, compatibility and launch date.

The site is a great place to find out what others have to say about iPod models they have owned and to put across your views. It's still early days for the site so all comments are appreciated.

We have tried to make the site as informative as possible but are open to suggestions. If you like the site then please stumble it or add it to your blog!

For more check out

Deciding on an ISP

When deciding on service providers there is often a clear choice, whether it be because they have a local monopoly (like my water provider) or because they offer you a good deal (like my mobile phone provider) but when it comes to finding an ISP noone has a good deal.

At the one end there are the free/very cheap providers that are unreliable, have poor techical support and a low bandwidth cap. At the other end are the very expensive providers that I don't want to fork out for. Then there are the providers that throttle traffic at certain times to one degree or another.

Somewhere in the middle fell the provider I decided to go with - Plus net, for

**The rest of this post has become corrupted**

BBC iPlayer - Now for Mac and Linux

We've reported a couple of times on the BBC iPlayer and looked at reviews from other sites slating it. There was issues that the BBC had wasted license payers money on some software that was useless and no one would use, however it seems our concerns have been listened to and a new version has been launched that is greatly improved.

So whats made it so much better?

There is now no application to download just for streaming video - it is all done through the web browser. This makes the whole experience more like viewing a YouTube video, it is faster and more reliable. All the videos are in wide screen (unlike YouTube) and the quality is almost as good as normal TV (you can see slight pixelations in full screen when sitting close to the screen).

It is also cross platform now meaning that the iPlayer will work in any browser with Adobe Flash installed (96% of browsers) on Windows, OS X and Linux.

Watching Ricky Gervais's Extras is now a breeze through the updated iPlayer.

The BBC Radio Player has also been rebranded as part of the iPlayer, the content has not changed and Real Player is still used for streaming.

Overall the updated iPlayer is a huge update bringing the BBC's content into a more accessible modern era.

For more check out the BBC iPlayer.

NASA Looking For Astronauts

Cnet is reporting that NASA is looking to take on astronauts for training in 2009 onwards. They are looking for between 10-15 candidates who have a bachelor's degree in engineering, science or maths and three years of relevant professional experience.

I have a bachelors degree in computer science but unfortunately only one years experience in relevant work (well my experience in. The job gives you the opportunity to drive moon buggys, fortunately I currently have a clean driving licence.

One of the requirements of the job comes from this money quote:

"Frequent travel may be required"

I always wanted to be an Astronaut when I was growing up, perhaps this is my opportunity - application is open until next summer!

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