Next week is when webcasters in America will have to pay their first payment to the government next week in order to comply with the new webcasting laws. This will effect many big companies such as Microsoft?s MSN which will have to now pay per listener per song for everything streamed off its site. This may not be too bad for larger organisations that make a lot of revenue but for smaller webcasters such as, which up to now has relied on donations from the listeners to pay for the small costs the organisation has. It will now have massive royalty fees to pay.

Smaller webcasters were close to winning separate rules in a compromise Congressional bill. The measure was blocked before the Senate adjourned Thursday night. It has now been decided that the smaller webcasters will not have to pay the fees just yet until all congressional work has been sorted out.

Failure for this bill to come through will mean the death to nearly all small webcasters in America as up to now they have been free to listen too. Webcasters may now have to charge a subscription or put adverts into their stream. People will be reluctant to pay as there counterparts in the rest of the world can still broadcast for free giving a distinct advantage.

The future of webcasting still remains very bleak, which is a great shame for thousands of people every day who like to tune into the popular stations for good free music. Radio companies do not have to pay royalty fees per listener per song so why should webcasters!

Linux #10 - KDE

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Oct 2002

KDE is one of the most popular and well known of the Linux GUIs. I personally find it my favourite however different features appeal to different people. I find KDE the easiest to use and it?s the best for new users. KDE can be started from the console if installed by typing KDM on most distributions. KDE should load pretty quickly on most modern computers and the desktop can be personalised depending on which user has logged into the computer.

This makes it good if your whole family uses the computer as each person can have a different desktop to suit their needs. The first thing you may notice is that to open something you only need 1 click and not 2. This can be changed from the control panel but normally speeds things up once you get used to it. Another thing you may notice in KDE is that you have 4 desktops! This is very handy if you have lots of programs open at once though takes a lot of getting used to if you have migrated from windows. It took me ages to stop just using 1 desktop and start using 4.

You can have up to 12 desktops in KDE, though I wouldn?t advise it as you may loose things! Most things work pretty much like Windows, for instance moving things round the desktop and browsing the K menu are all things you should be familiar with from Windows. The lock screen tool is also very handy if you have other people in your house that you don?t want to see what's on the desktop while you pop out for a while. The desktop bar is made up of a number of applets such as the clock and the show desktop button. You can add new applets but right clicking then clicking on add.

This also lets you add links to programs to the bar. The programs menu is not similar to windows as in KDE your programs are ordered by type, for instance Games would include all the games you had installed while internet would contain programs for the internet such as web browsers and internet setup. KDE comes with its own file browser and web browser called Konqueror that is built into KDE and can be very useful, it?s similar to windows explorer but has many more features. When quitting KDE you have a number of options, you can simply login as another user, reboot the computer and halt the computer.

Once you have installed Linux rebooting your machine will let you know if everything is installed properly. If when you reboot your machine all that happens is that windows boots straight up is that the chances are you havn?t installed the boot loader (lilo) properly, if this happens you will need to boot to linux using the boot floppy disk you created at installation. Once you have accessed your system you can install lilo from there. This can be done in a number of ways depending on your distribution but will normally involve you typing lilo in the console.

If lilo does boot straight and you get a list of operating systems move down to Linux if its not already selected and press enter. This will then boot your system, don?t be alarmed when lots of writing scrolls up your screen ? this is normal and as long as everything says [ OK ] by it you are fine. If something does come up in red then don?t be alarmed it may be something simple like it can?t log onto your network which unless you need a network will not effect the way your pc runs.

Once Linux has runs through its boot up procedure it will probably ask you to login. You should have set your login information in the installation process. I suggest you login with your account rather then as the root encase you do anything you shouldn?t have thus causing errors. If you have a graphical login screen you can normally choose whether to enter into KDE or Gnome, if you are at a console screen type KDM or GDM to enter the K desktop manager or the G desktop manager.

Once your GUI has loaded you will notice similar things to windows such as the desktop and similar start menu and icons. Take a look around and try some of the different programs, you may have some fun. If any errors do come up I suggest you take a look at the distributions website or manual as the chances are if you have an error someone else might have had it before.


By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Oct 2002

Triple X is the big action film to his our cinema screens this October so we thought we would go along and take a look. The film stars Vin Diesel who you may remember from the hit film The Fast and The Furious. xXx is directed by the same person who directed the fast and the furious and has a lot of great stunt and action scenes.
I thought the story line was well thought out with plently of action all the way through.

Diesel stars as former extreme sports athlete Xander ?XXX? Cage, notorious for his death defying public stunts. He is recruited by an NSA agent named Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) to try to succeed where other agents had failed. His mission takes him to Prague where he becomes friendly with a group named Anarchy 99, which to Xanders horror intends to kill off major cities with biological weapons. Xander makes it his mission to stop this from happening thus saving the world.

My particular favourite scene had to be with Xander snow boarding down a mountain with an avalanche of snow right behind him, it was gripping and original though maybe not the most realistic of situations but what can you expect! The film has been greatly compared to the James Bond series that has its next film coming out next month. Though the similarities could be seen with the Bond series I still thought the film used a lot of good original stunts which kept it entertaining.

Overall I thought xXx was a good film worth seeing before the likes of Harry Potter comes out soon. If you like action then its worth seeing, if you like cheesy films its also worth seeing, though if your looking for a quiet night in maybe this isn?t the film for you!

Planetarion ? The Final Legacy

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Oct 2002

We?re now over a month into the new round however Planetarion has its lowest turnout ever with less then 6000 players. This may seem good but considering in Planetarion?s prime they had over 100000 players 6000 is poor.

The round seems as dull as ever with no major power blocks and most alliances running for themselves. My galaxy for one gets incoming every 2-3 nights and has a serious problem with trying to get any defence, this is a shame as we do have some good veterans to the game. The graphics have still failed to get an update and we haven?t heard from the creators it seems in weeks. Rumour has it that they are still working on another game or what ever they decide to go into after Planetarion finishes. The game at the moment seems to being run by what?s left of the pa crew.

It is unknown the financial status of fifth season AS at this current time but as the round did have a fairly poor signup its not looking good. It seems that Planetarion is coming to the natural end of its life cycle and people are a bit fed up with Planetarion as you do with all games. Planetarion has however lasted a lot longer then many other games and what it has created is a massive community on irc and the forums that will be around for a long time yet. The future of netgamers is still uncertain as it looks for more partners to continue to keep the irc network popular.