The following article is by a guest writer Martin Weatherall, an advocate in the harmful effects of electro magnetic radiation (EMR). This article comes from his work detailing sources of EMR from dangerous antennas in the area of Woodstock Ontario. Having being effected by EMR himself Martin put together the following list of cancer causing points.

I was surprised just how many I get exposed to on a daily basis. "Cancer is one of the most popular illnesses at present, why be left out? Why be one of the few that does not develop cancer? Here are a few tips and ideas to ensure that you are also included in the great cancer lottery! RADIATION, RADIATION, RADIATION, it is simple, find a good source of non ionizing radiation, (the so-called 'safe stuff' – not the nuclear) and you have a great chance of getting cancer. You and your family may be lucky enough to develop some of the bonus illnesses, the new designer radiation illnesses, such as: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, Fybromyalgia, Severe Allergies, Diabetes, Leukemia and Alzheimer's. You also may suffer old favorites such as Heart Attack, Stroke and Arthritis.

Here are some simple ideas to assist you to get cancer:

1. Use a CELL (mobile) PHONE, use it long and often, the high level of radiation being delivered to your head will provide you with a good chance of brain cancer.

2. Use a CORDLESS PHONE, another good source of radiation to cause brain cancer.

3. Get a DECT CORDLESS PHONE, this baby will not only radiate you when you are talking on it but will radiate your whole house twenty-four hours a day. This is a great way to get your entire family radiated. If you leave it next to your head while you are sleeping, it will be more effective. If you live in an apartment, you can radiate the people in the next unit. This is a real cheap way to do serious harm, no sign up fees, no monthly charges, and no charge for usage, just leave this in the charger; it will do the rest.

4. Attach a WiFi (wireless) system to your computer, it will radiate anyone using the computers in your home and may spread the radiation throughout the entire house. Just leave it turned on and forget about it, ill health should follow.

5. Cook with a MICROWAVE, you do not even have to stand close to the unit, it will cover the entire kitchen and a few other nearby rooms with radiation. You get the added bonus of destroying food nutrition at the same time, another help to cancer.

6. Drive a nice MODERN CAR with lots of gadgets and computerized equipment; drive it long distances for long periods of time. This will ensure that you are well covered in electro magnetic fields, another form of radiation that will harm your body. To make the car even more unhealthy, get a GPS system. If you then use a cell phone in the car, the radiation will bounce all around the interior and radiate you and the other occupants from all different directions. The cell phone will also power up to high power, in order to get transmission out of this 'metal box'.

7. When you sleep, have a CLOCK RADIO, BEDSIDE LIGHTS, TELEPHONE and EXTENSION CORDS near to the bed. This will ensure that you will be receiving a large amount of Electro Magnetic Radiation from the wiring and the appliances. This is a really good way of getting cancer because your body will not be able to recover and rejuvenate itself, as it should during sleep.

8. Use an ELECTRIC BLANKET, keep it turned on and plugged in. This radiates a very high source of Electro Magnetic Radiation through your entire body and should eventually cause some real damage.

9. Visit your MD, your doctor will probably advise you that there is no danger from these devices. You will probably be told that Health Canada and the World Health Organization think these devices are safe and there is more evidence that shows that they are safe than there is evidence, which shows those are causing cancer and very serious harm to health? This will give you a great false sense of security and you can get cancer without even worrying about it.

10. Get WIRELESS GAMES for the kids. This should keep them happy and radiated for many hours. They may even develop A.D.D. and you get the residue radiation.

11. Have a WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEM. Radiate any burglars and your family.

12. Use a WIRELESS THERMOMETER and all kinds of other wireless devices.

13. Live near a LARGE TRANSMITTING ANTENNA. You will be well received.

14. If you have lots of property, invite cell phone companies to install a CELL PHONE MAST and antennas on your land, you get the house radiated, all your property and the neighbors too! Cancer and you get paid for it. Does it get any better?

15. Live near to HIGH POWER ELECTRICAL TRANSMISSION LINES, they should give you quite a great buzz.

16. Live near to a TRANSFORMER or an ELECTRICAL SUB-STATION, you can be the 'live-wire' of the area.

17. Work in an OFFICE ENVIRONMENT with WiFi, computers, electronic equipment wireless telephones and electrical wiring close to your body.

18. Work with POWER TOOLS such as power saws and electrical welding equipment. They cause very high electro magnetic fields. A new way of getting a 'buzz cut'.

19. Sleep near to a FUSE PANEL, DISTRIBUTION BOX. This is another great source of very high levels of EMFs. You will be empowered!

20. Spend lots of time at your KITCHEN SINK, you will probable get GROUND CURRENT ELECTRICITY. This may enter your house from the power utilities electrical distribution system and come in through the water pipes. It may pass through your body and deliver lots of dangerous high frequency radiation.

21 Get lots of X-RAYS and CT SCANS, this is the real heavy-duty radiation, known to cause serious damage in just seconds. Don't wait for your doctor to suggest x-rays.

There are lots more sources of Electro Magnetic Radiation that can help you to develop cancer. The best way is to combine several of these sources together. It is very easy to do because most modern homes have all or most of these serious pollutants easily available. Remember! - The more radiation the merrier and more chance of cancer!

You can also add to your chances of getting cancer by the old stand-byes, smoking, and air pollution and chemical pollution. Mixed with the radiation they should work great! Of course the opposite is also true! If you want to protect yourself from these dangers, start taking action to avoid exposure and tell others what they should avoid!" Relevant sites:


Don't live anywhere on earth. There's cosmic radiation all over the oplace. Try Pluto.

Thanks for these things to think about. After reading, I find myself wishing that you publish ways in which we can minimize exposure, short of throwing away our computers, microwaves and cell phones. Especially curious about how to minimize household exposure from sources that may be beyond our control. Solutions, solutions, solutions please!! Any good web sources for more info?

Do you not think that you might be, in ever such a teeny weeny way, scaremongering?

Do you have any evidence for any of you points that such exposures cause cancer? (Apart from 21, and eve nthe nthe risks are low otherwise we would not use medical x-yays).

Dear Martin,
Thankyou for this information. As a psychic and a registered nurse you`ve just confirmed my assumptions. Many of my medical and scientific colleagues also support the information you have supplied. I have nursed and `laid out` dead cancer victims enough times to realize that we have to have the guts to take on the Big 5 companies profiting out of our future sufferings by hiding the facts about the consequences of EMR`s. An easy test that allows the average Joe to measure a little of the EMR that lives in the house with him is to grab a portable shower radio. Turn it on and tune it to a blank FM spot that receives no transmission. Turn the volume up high and then simply walk around the house and hold it near your fluorescent light and your DECT phone etc. you will be amazed at how the noise level seems to increase as the EMR`s released are picked up by the radio. Yes, there are better ways to measure EMR`s but this simple technique is cheap and easy to use. Thanks again Martin!

Bull butter my waffles. I'll use my cell phone even more now!

This sort of thing really annoys me. Sorry Pete, I know you put this up in good faith, I'm not bashing you.

So what is the prevention for cancer that is supposed to be caused by EMR? I can think of a few...
1 - Don't go near (or use) any high current appliances. Showers, electric cookers, kettles, toasters to name but a few.
2 - Don't use a mobile phone, Do not go near anyone with a mobile phone. They give out signals even when not in a call.
3 - Don't use wifi, or bluetooth.
4 - Don't use any computers, TV's, CD players or anything that resembles these items. They give off high frequency EMR.
5 - Avoid letting TV and radio transmissions from passing through you. These are after all forms of electromagnetic radiation too.
6 - Wear a full medieval armour plated suit. Or for the person on the move a foil wrapping should suffice. Try your nearest outdoors shop for some. Don't forget a metal hat too.
7 - Avoid light. This is also a form of electromagnetic radiation.

OK I admit I'm being ridiculous now! I'm just highlighting the fact that EMR is everywhere. Without it we would not be alive in the first place.

If you do not want to get cancer then my advice is don't smoke, drink in moderation, don't take medical drugs when it's not necessary (don't take a pill for your sniffles!), and eat well, not "chicken ding" crap (ready meal).

Will I take my own advice? Not fully, part of my enjoyment in live involves smoking something now and then, drinking a bit much when I shouldn't and taking some aspirin to cure the hangover. As for ready meals, I prefer my own food. The pyramid of food! :D

Oops, almost forgot this link I stumbled upon.

Jon Mikel - There are good references with scientific studies on the links at the bottom of the article. We are not trying to panic anyone just trying to show how much we are exposed to EMR and hopefully show some areas where you can cut down on your day to day exposure.

Lori - Thats a great idea, I will speak to the author and see what he feels about writing a follow up with some practical ways to minimise exposure.

Andy - Scaremongering no but I do feel that this is an area the public should be more aware about.

Matt - There is a lot of evidence out there to support this and I agree we needed to put more in the article. A lot of big corporations make a lot of money from services described above whether it be telecommunications or power companies therefore you do not see much about it on the news. We are simply trying to highlight the issues.

Jon Thompson - In which case I suggest you don't read blogs either!

Caitlyn - Some mobile phones are worse than others and if most mobile phone stores carry information about how much radiation a phone gives out.

Luke - There are some simple things you can do to reduce your EMR exposure as it is impossible to rid it completely. It's the same as the more your smoke the more likely you are to get lung cancer. Simple tips like not using Dect Phones and using hand free kits are easy ways to reduce your exposure.

scary notion

So I suppose you want all of us to live like the Amish? Nothing you've stated here is proven with the exception of the X-Ray. Which I guess if I make up a huge article and then put one fact in it at the end I can declare the entire article full of truth as well.

Oh and Adrianne you have just brought nurses down everywhere. If you are really even a nurse. Seriously... as a As a psychic and registered nurse? Give me a break.

Wake up and smell the reality folks. This could be dumbest thing I've read online in a while.

Thanks for having this website. I live in the US, and nobody here seems to be affected by EMFs like I am, or willing to admit that their sweats, insomnia, anxiety, depression, irritability, etc... is EMF-induced. Absolutely nothing is being done in the US at all - as in NOTHING.

I have Lyme Disease, too, and Dr. Robert Becker pointed out in one of his books that bacteria have a magnetic sense. I have no doubt that this is why the spirochete prevails. I strongly suggest that anyone who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivities be tested by Western Blot for Lyme and coinfections, even though antibiotics are not the solution here.

All these people who are waiting for 'proof' one day will get their wish.

nice blog, well thought out. Amusing, yet thoughtful and very accurate.

For those of you who are skeptics, try doing a search on Entrez Pubmed (the largest internet medical reference database) on EMFs and health risks. THEN retract your ill informed statements about there being no evidence. Get your heads out from under the sand!

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Dear Martin, appreciate that you have good intention (and energy)to enlighten this ignorant people. Back in 2004 in Bucharest, Romania, a cell phone company wanted to install cell p' antennas on the Romanian parliament building, which is the second building in the world as dimension and it is built with anti-radiation structure in case of nuc' war. But the secret service said no, because it will irradiate our beloved traitors, so you can install them on the surrounding apartment buildings. They will understand only when they'll face it, see it and have access to secret statistics, but it will be to late. They will be terrified by the ''treatment'' which sounds like a bell in the patients ears: YOU-CHEMO and RADIATION, WE(THE ESTABLISHMENT,PHARMA,DOCTORS)- 150,000$ to 500,000 $/''treatment''/patient. I don't want to say what follows. AT LEAST REDUCE, IF YOU CANNOT ELIMINATE CANCER CAUSING FACTORS, BY ELIMINATING EXPOSURE TO CHEMICALS,RADIATION,DRUGS,POLLUTION,FOOD ADDITIVES OR GENETIC MODIFIED ORGANISMS. GOOD HEALTH I WISH YOU ALL, FROM EAST EUROPE.