Our recent article - 21 Ways To Develop Cancer has caused quite a stir with a number of sceptics and people with first hand experience with electro magnetic radiation (EMR). A number of comments suggested we talk about how to avoid EMR where possible. Certain people are more sensitive to EMR than others, in a similar sort of way to how pollen effects only certain people. The effects of EMR can be as simple as headaches to life threatening cancer. It is impossible to cut out EMR from our daily lives however we can minimise our exposure to it, with the help from Safe Living Technologies and the guest writer of the previous article - Martin Weatherall I have compiled this list of advice to minimise exposure.

  1. Avoid living near a mobile phone masts or radio/TV transmitters.
  2. Avoid using cordless phones, especially DECT phones as these transmit radiation even when not in use.
  3. Avoid using wireless baby monitors or wireless security systems, where possible hard wire them in.
  4. Where possible do not use wireless routers - use CAT5 cable.
  5. Where possible use your mobile phone on hands free but without a Bluetooth headset. Aviod using a mobile phone in your car without an external antenna as the radio waves will be reflected back at you from the metal chassis. If your phone has poor signal in the car an external antenna should improve your call quality too.
  6. Only use a mobile phone or cordless phone for emergency calls only, use a corded phone for all regular conversations. Avoid using a mobile phone if pregnant and do not allow a child under 16 to use a mobile phone at all.
  7. Try not to keep your mobile phone in the same pocket all the time, if possible keep it away from the body in a bag or on a desk. Otherwise rotate it around the body.
  8. Avoid using the Microwave, it doesn't do anything good for your food anyway and will flood adjacent rooms with radiation.
  9. Minimise the number of electronic devices around your bed, this can include lights, alarm clocks, telephones, extension cords and electric blankets. Battery operated devices such as an alarm clock are good replacements.
  10. Make sure you don't sleep near your fuse box or distribution box.
  11. Avoid living near or under high voltage power lines. The same goes for electric sub-stations and transformers.
  12. Avoid all unnecessary exposure to x-rays and CT scans.
  13. Drive cars that have low electro magnetic fields.
  14. Make sure electronic devices are grounded (this is not such a problem in the UK as we have three pronged plugs unlike the rest of Europe and America).
  15. Avoid using a dimmer switch in the house as these emit high magnetic fields and cause dirty electricity.

This article from Safe Living Technologies provides a lot more detail about how to cut down your exposure to EMR.


Interesting to see you have put this up Pete. This makes a couple of practical points but the rest is just overkill. Why are there so many people in this world trying to tell us that one thing or another is killing us or damaging our health?

Sure having lots of CT scans and Xrays isnt going to do you any good but you need a lot to cause real damage. Living under high voltage power lines for you entire life is generally known to be a bad thing. After all 400,000 volts of AC currant is going to create a large magnetic field around it.

Here is a better reason not to use wireless LAN, security!

There are other such rediculous claims lurking about. Dont eat burnt toast or bacon, they will both give you cancer! I think I read that in The Sun, which I believe is the most popular "newspaper" in the UK. The masses will believe anything. Just watch some adverts or read a newspaper and you will see that we are slowly enclosing ourselves in a protective bubble of complete cleanliness and sanitisation of everything. Watch what happens when the bubble bursts.

/rant off

Can you actually provide us with any OBJECTIVE evidence for any of this though? You haven't done that yet.
Governments across the world are in agreement, for example, that mobile phone masts are safe, but you suggest otherwise. What do you know that they don't?

Luke, there are a lot of people concerned about various health matters. I've read about the burnt toast thing a few times over the last few years.

6000 the point of this article was not to provide evidence but to help you avoid exposure to EMR, if you look at some of the links provided they go into more scientific studies about the effects of EMR. There is simple so much we don't yet know about the effects.

Governments across the world are divided about the effects of mobile phone masts, there have been studies proving effects either way (there was a recent study in the UK saying that there were no links between Mobile Phone Masts and certain health issues). Other European countries have much stronger control about the power wireless devices can emit.

The problem is not what we do know but what we don't know. Mobile phones are an incredibly convenient way to communicate and very profitable for companies across the globe therefore it is hardly surprising little is done into the effects of EMR.

Anybody who thinks mobile phone companies (and their sponsored "research") will tell us that mobiles cause cancer is living in a ideal dream world.
Just think of the tobacco companies. From the 1940s some scientists knew that smoking causes cancer, but even in 1970 an English GP doctor told my father in law who was asthmatic to "start smoking to get used to the smoke in the workplace". It took 50 years for the smoking danger to be identified and be public knowledge. Recently finally one tobacco company admitted that smoking "might" have some relation to cancer!
I'm waiting for the day when mobiles will be banned as smoking is today! Every one who is using his mobile near me is harming me, is causing me physical pain and discomfort as I

@6000 Maybe it's sounds like 'conspiracy theory' but there's a grain of truth in that...

Please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_radiation_and_health 


Just that I used to work for the NRPB in the UK and they couldn't find any solid evidence to support these theories.

@6000 NRPB = National Radiological Protection Board?

So probably you right, anyway is worth talking about. It is yet to be seen if using mobile phones is 100% safe.

a propos:






Just wondering if anybody out there knows if there is any harmful EMF from cordless computer keyboards and mouse's?



Leon, a normal wired keyboard and mouse should be fine, wireless ones will use radio/bluetooth technology (therefore a source of EMF). Remember your screen is a source of EMF so don't sit too close.

Thank you for that


Why use wireless RF mice & keyboards? They emit a little RF radiation when in use, but they are more expensive, less reliable (with some interference the cursor jumps and the keyboard can miss the odd key) and they need batteries or recharging.

There is very little power involved so there is no magnetic or electric field, just RF radiation (radio frequency, like a mobile, only 10000 times less).

I suggest to buy an RF radiation and magnetic field meter, they sell combined ones on ebay with LCD screen and all for under £100. Changed my life when I bought my first one 15 years ago. I was able to explain many things, especially car drowsiness.

 If you'd like to avoid electromagnetic fields, you need to give up electricity completely. No electric lights, no radio, no computer. Move out into some third world country that doesn't have high voltage lines or substations.


Luke: The voltage does not affect the strength of the *magnetic* field. The amperage does that. The fact that the lines carry 40,000 volts is irrelevant as far as magnetic fields are concerned. If the lines are carrying 40,000 *AMPS* then you have some major magnetic fields to contend with. On the other hand, the 40,000 volts in the lines does create a substantial electric field.


Michael: banning cellphones? ridiculous. So is banning smoking. the electromagnetic filed around a cell phone decreases with the square of distance, and what you're exposed to is nothing compared to the background dose of em radiation. The same goes for second hand smoke. Second hand cigarette smoke is nowhere near as bad as the crap you inhale when you drive behind another car! So, let's ban cars!