Tonight the popular show that put 8 celebrities in the Australian out back came to a conclusion with Tony Blackburn as the winner with 55% of the votes. Over 1.5million people voted in the final that was between Tony and Tara and to a lot of peoples surprise Tony just won, this largely because of Tony?s large radio listens fan base.

The show that has been running for 2 weeks now witted 8 celebrities against each other from all different professions including Christina Hamilton, Darren Day and Uri Geller in the Australian outback to survive without the luxuries of life. Then each day for the last week the public has voted out the celebrity they least liked the first being Uri Geller who promised not to use his psychic powers to help win the game show. I?m a Celebrity screened by ITV and presented by Ant and Dec has been very popular with viewers but not everyone has thought it being good television.

A debate on channel 5's 'the wright stuff' brought up the argument that the program is not good tv and doesn't really show any educational values, but it was argued back that the public are very interested in real life tv shows such as I?m a Celebrity and big brother. The show is yet another idea to try to get as many viewers as possible to make more money for advertising, another series is planned for the same time next year it is rumored. Another show following the same steps as last year is popstars the rivals, where 2 bands (1 male and 1 female) will battle it out for the Christmas number one but more of that to come in a future article.