ImAFish 7

By Pete | @kingpetey | 02 Sep 2003

For many of the people behind ImAFish University is only a few weeks away, which will split the community across the country. For most people this wont be a problem as they will have Internet connections in their rooms or within the University. Myself and Simon wanted to have one final version of ImAFish that would be the best so far and in some ways a final release.

While this is unlikely knowing myself it would mean that if we didn't want to update the design again it would still look good for months and maybe years to come. In concept 4 months ago ImAFish 7 seemed a long way off, the idea was to create a flexible professional web portal based around what ImAFish had been building on over the past 2 years ? its articles.

We now had over 200 articles on a range of subjects making it in some ways messy what was needed was different sections depending on the article type, while articles already had categories they themselves were getting in a mess. The idea was to split the site up more into different sections, after much debate they were decided to be: Entertainment Tech Gaming IRC News Each would be article based but would contain other information such as IRC would host xbot. The next step was to decide on a design, this I did while doing my A levels (which I did very well in), and more importantly a logo of some sort.

This went through many design stages and only after about 4 weeks was I happy with the final design. I had also been working on an overall design for the site which I was happy with in the end. The next stage was to start coding. In ImAFish 6 Simon had done 99% of the coding so for ImAFish 7 I was going to give it ago, I quickly learned CSS and put together a template using divs as the idea was not to use any tables. While this was ok for the overall design a lot of the page content still uses tables as simply tables are still best for displaying things in certain ways.

One thing I quickly learned about CSS is that getting it to work in one web browser does not guarantee it will work in another. Then getting it to validate is another problem however in the end validation was put a side for getting it to work right. Overall ImAFish 7 is the most complex and advanced version of ImAFish yet, making it even easier to use and attractive. Thanks to everyone that has made it possible and lets hope the site keeps on growing!