Internet Acronyms

By Pete | @kingpetey | 24 Jul 2002

The Internet being a big place has lots of acronyms this article should help you understand a lot of them.

LOL - laughing out loud
wb - welcome back
nn - night night
ofc - of course
nm - nevermind
gb - good bye
gg - good game
afk - away from keyboard
asl - age/sex/location
bbiab - be back in a bit
bbl - be back later
bbs - bulletin board system
bf - boyfriend
gf - girlfriend
bfn - bye for now
brb - be right back
btw - by the way
atm - at the moment
cya - see you later
fubar - ****** up beyond all recognition
gtg - got to go
hth - hope this helps
html - hypertext markup language (the basic computer language all webpages are made up of)
irc - internet relay chat
icq - I seek you
iow - in other words
isp - internet service provider
j/k - just kidding
l8r - later
m8 - mate
msg - message
newbie - a newcomer to the net, or a particular area of it.
Ppl - people
Re: - with reference to
Lo - hello
Rofl - rolling on the floor laughing
Ttfn - ta ta for now
Wb - welcome back
Wtf - wot the ****
www - world wide web

Of course this isn't a full list but should be helpful next time you try to have a conversation with someone you might be more aware about what they are going on about.