You?re probably thinking what is the need to try Linux when Window?s fills all my needs? Here are some brief reasons why you may want to give it a try.

1. Multi-user: More then one user can be logged into a single computer at one time. This is useful if you say need a friend to do something on your computer that you can?t do. I use this feature quite often when something doesn't quite work how I want it too, I just ask someone who knows what to do to connect to my pc and get it working!

2.Multi-process: Multi-tasking enables the operating system to run several processes at once, which is important for providing multiple services on one computer.

3. Multi-platform: Linux will run on Intel based PCs and PowerPC-based (Apple Macintosh) along with a wide range of other computers.

4.Flexible - You can configure Linux as a network host, router, graphical workstation, office production pc, home entertainment computer, file server, web server or about any other computer appliance you can think of. I know of one person who recently fitted a single board pc to a toaster then set up a web server to report how many slices of toast it has made. Strange I must admit but it does show the flexibility of Linux, as you clearly couldn?t do something like that using windows.

5. Stable: The Linux Kernel is extremely stable and its not often you hear of computers running for years without any downtime.

6. Efficient: The design of Linux will let you run it on almost any pc, from a old 486 pc to a brand new Pentium 2.8ghz machine.

7. Free: One of the best features of Linux is that it is free, if you had used the same software in windows as in Linux your credit card bill could be very large! However don't be put off when you do see prices for Linux software, you're normally paying for CDs, manuals or technical support its still great value for what your getting. You can normally expect to pay around ?30-?50 for personal distributions but you can normally download the operating system for free.