The European court has sent a letter to the Greek Government threatening to take them to court over the controversial ban on computer games. The Greek government are in breech of European law because it of article 28 of the European Community Treaty because it may restrict imports from other EU member states. The law may also be violating peoples principle of proportionality meaning people should have the right to play games for entertainment purposes. I

n august this year a law came into effect banning all computer and video games in Greece as they may be contributing towards gambling which the government is trying to completely outlaw. However the government have lost court cases from people playing games in there home ImAFish reported about this here .

Many people believe that this law doesn't distinct between gambling and pure entertainment. The Greek government have 2 months to reply before further legal action will be taken by the European Commission. Internet cafes throughout Greece have had to shut down because of the new law as much of their business came from gamers wanting to play online. The letter was prompted by games producers who can no longer sell games to Greece. MPs in parliament have also raised this issue a few times stating that it is not a fair rule.