Happy Second Birthday ImAFish

By Pete | @kingpetey | 28 May 2003

UK based article and comedy site ImAFish.com is celebrating its second birthday. Its been a tough couple of years stated the sites founder in his press release earlier.

?ImAFish has come along way in the past couple of year, we have moved hosting 4 times and have spent a reasonable amount of money on various areas of the site. We are pleased with the progress we have made in the last 2 years and hope to become even more popular in the coming months?

Founder Pete White was not letting on much about the upcoming ImAFish 7 however one journalist managed to get the following statement out of him:

?ImAFish 7 is in the development process and is moving into working out what the new designed ImAFish will be all about. There will be more information to come in following weeks?

Co-founder Benjie had the following comments:

?I cant wait to see the new and improved look and feel of ImAFish and i think that it has a great chance of becoming more and more successful in the near future?

ImAFish that was started by pwhite, Benjie and Yammez has moved on considerably in the past 2 years and is now home to over 250 articles on a wide range of subjects. The site has an extensive community and user base.