The End of Netscape Navigator

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Jul 2003

AOL the owners of Netscape have decided that there will be no more releases of the Netscape Browser. Netscape 7 ended the line of development of the Netscape Browser that has been recently based on the Mozilla project.


In 1998 the Netscape Browser became open source and the Mozilla foundation was born with funding from AOL. Since then the foundation has produced a browser known as Mozilla. Netscape was first founded in 1994 and released its first browser in October of that year.

The Browser was released freely and soon took off helping to make the Internet what it is today. Netscape soon faced hard competition from Microsoft when it started to release its own web browser (Internet Explorer) with its operating system.

This has caused various court cases with Microsoft which have only recently been settled. AOL has its own web browser however this is not based on Mozilla.

AOL said it will keep the Netscape brand alive and still support old editions of the software but it will not produce any new releases.


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