For many the Terminator films are the ultimate in action films and Terminator 3 is no exception. The film is set 10 years after the previous where a new class of robot is sent back through time to take out John Connor and his future lieutenants.

However luckily the T-101, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also sent back in time to keep John Connor safe. The plot involves a new intelligent super computer, called Sky-net taking over the world and things turn out unexpected in the end.

I found the film to be a lot more entertaining then the previous 2 especially the humor coming from Arnie. The little things he says and does clearly makes the film a lot better to watch. An impressive vehicle scene leaves a trail of destruction not seen in many other films.

The ending as I said before was unexpected however leaves the film open to what could be a quite interesting 4th film. Terminator 3 also shows that Schwarzenegger is still a great actor and that he still has many years left of possible films.

I never really liked the first 2 Terminator films however Terminator 3 is a great film even if you didn't enjoy or follow the first two. If you love action films then terminator 3 is for you.