Creators Hour

By Pete | @kingpetey | 27 Jun 2002

The creators hour is where we answer any questions that are sent in. It is done in irc (#sulla on If you have a question send it too [email protected] .

[23:03] [benjie] right
[23:03] [benjie] lets go
[23:03] [pwhite] :)
[23:03] [benjie] What are the new features to the site?
[23:03] [pwhite] well to start with the articles section
[23:03] [pwhite] and the columns
[23:03] [pwhite] are the main updates and features
[23:03] [pwhite] other updates include the news system
[23:03] [pwhite] which now uses a database to store things in
[23:03] [pwhite] nqp
[23:03] [benjie] How do i submit an article to the site?
[23:04] [pwhite] email it to [email protected] and if it is good enough we will put it on the site
[23:04] [pwhite] we wont accpet anything dodgy as ususal
[23:04] [pwhite] :)
[23:04] [pwhite] nqp
[23:04] [benjie] How do i get my own column? <--- u dont unless u partake in sexual favours
[23:04] [pwhite] nqp = next question pls
[23:04] [pwhite] lol
[23:05] [pwhite] well if u email [email protected] saying why u want one i might give u one
[23:05] [pwhite] heh
[23:05] [pwhite] nqp
[23:07] *** Benjie has quit IRC (Ping timeout?)
[23:07] [pwhite] heh typical
[23:08] [pwhite] thought his adsl wasn't meant to do that too him ;)
[23:09] *** Benjie has joined #SULLA
[23:09] [pwhite] wb mate
[23:09] [pwhite] :)
[23:09] *** P sets mode: +o Benjie
[23:10] [benjie] the duron just died
[23:10] [benjie] so i had to stick me modem in this one
[23:10] [benjie] :)
[23:10] [pwhite] nqp :)
[23:10] [pwhite] lol
[23:10] [pwhite] oh well
[23:11] [benjie] What does it take to become a columner?
[23:11] [benjie] was that the right one? :)
[23:11] [pwhite] yer -
[23:11] [pwhite] well u need to have interesting things to say
[23:11] [pwhite] and be able to write them down
[23:11] [benjie] carry on
[23:11] [pwhite] thats bout it
[23:11] [pwhite] heh
[23:11] [pwhite] nqp
[23:11] [benjie] How often should the columns be updated?
[23:11] [benjie]
[23:12] [pwhite] its nice to see a post every week or so
[23:12] [pwhite] though it is not enforced
[23:12] [pwhite] some people only update their columns when certain things happen
[23:12] [pwhite] nqp
[23:12] [benjie] How does the columns section work?
[23:13] [pwhite] each post is stored in the database then a query displays the results back depending on the name queried
[23:13] [pwhite] if that makes sence :)
[23:13] [pwhite] nqp
[23:13] [benjie] How many crew members are there now?
[23:13] [pwhite] hm
[23:13] [pwhite] myself
[23:13] [pwhite] benjie
[23:13] [pwhite] shannon
[23:13] [pwhite] shenton
[23:13] [pwhite] geoff
[23:13] [pwhite] mills
[23:13] *** [TRG]RRaccoon has quit IRC (Jeg eier, du suger. Uheldig. KNEGG! Jeg er ikke norsk... Dessine-moi un mouton. V?gre nem butulok tov?bb.?)
[23:14] [pwhite] sam a bit
[23:14] [pwhite] think thats bout it
[23:14] [pwhite] nqp
[23:14] [benjie] How do i get an ImAFish email account?
[23:15] [pwhite] send an email to [email protected] saying wot address you would like and we will get back to you
[23:15] [pwhite] otherwise talk to myself or benjie about it
[23:15] [pwhite] nqp
[23:15] [benjie] Why can't you send emails from the imafish webmail?
[23:15] [pwhite] because supanames need to fix their webmail script
[23:16] [pwhite] i dont think the php version on the server is upto date enough for this script
[23:16] [benjie] 0.o
[23:16] [pwhite] nothin imafish can do until they upgrade
[23:16] [pwhite] which should be soon
[23:16] [pwhite] nqp
[23:17] [benjie] How do you set ImAFish mail up in outlook express or other mail clients?
[23:17] [pwhite] click > tools > accounts > mail > add new
[23:17] [pwhite] then use as the pop server
[23:17] [pwhite] and your isps smtp server for smtp
[23:18] [pwhite] you should be able to find your isps smtp server from there home page
[23:18] [pwhite] nqp
[23:18] [benjie] What is the forum?
[23:18] [pwhite] oo btw check out for more info
[23:18] [pwhite] it is a message board
[23:18] [pwhite] where people can sign up and post information and reply to it
[23:19] [pwhite] the imafish forums are located
[23:19] [pwhite] nqp
[23:19] [benjie] How does the auction work?
[23:19] [pwhite] hmm
[23:19] [pwhite] u sign up then can either buy or sell things
[23:19] [pwhite]
[23:19] [pwhite] ofc its more advanced then that
[23:19] [pwhite] but i could spend an entire ch talking about it
[23:19] [pwhite] heh
[23:19] [pwhite] nqp
[23:20] [benjie] what are you doing to get more people to visit the site?
[23:20] [pwhite] well we try to advertise the site as much as possible
[23:20] [pwhite] and give them more reasons to come back
[23:20] [pwhite] by making the site better
[23:20] [pwhite] we hope to advertise it a lot more when the election campaingn for 6form comes up
[23:20] [pwhite] nqp
[23:21] [benjie] How many hits are you getting a week?
[23:21] [pwhite] about 2000
[23:21] [pwhite] its slowly going up
[23:21] [pwhite] was about 1000 a month ago
[23:22] [pwhite] nqp
[23:22] [benjie] What has happened to shenton?
[23:22] [pwhite] he lost his net connection
[23:23] [pwhite] and is making a great effort to get back on
[23:23] [pwhite] ;)
[23:23] [pwhite] nqp
[23:23] [benjie] Why does nothing work on the comedy section?
[23:23] [pwhite] shenton says its sabotarge
[23:23] [pwhite] i'm not sure personally
[23:23] [pwhite] all the movies should be back soon
[23:23] [pwhite] once shenton finds them
[23:23] [pwhite] :)
[23:23] [pwhite] nqp
[23:23] [benjie] Why does nothing work on the comedy section?
[23:24] [benjie] whoops
[23:24] [benjie] f00king puter
[23:24] [benjie] What are the plans for the future of the site?
[23:24] [pwhite] add lots of articles
[23:24] [pwhite] and a lot more work on the content of the site
[23:24] [pwhite] more comedy
[23:24] [pwhite] etc
[23:24] [pwhite] nqp
[23:24] [benjie] What is happening with imafish bb as nothing seems to be happening?
[23:25] [pwhite] its going a bit slow
[23:25] [pwhite] i know
[23:25] [pwhite] but we are working on somthing
[23:25] [pwhite] :)
[23:25] [pwhite] nqp
[23:26] [benjie] Whats the sites irc room?
[23:26] [pwhite] #sulla on
[23:26] [pwhite] nqp
[23:26] [benjie] erm
[23:26] [benjie] do u like goats?
[23:27] [pwhite] no but i heard benjie has a fetish for them
[23:27] [pwhite] lol
[23:27] [pwhite] we done then?
[23:27] [benjie] do u like being kicked in the nuts?
[23:27] [pwhite] heh
[23:27] [benjie] yus we are done
[23:27] [pwhite] rite i will stick the log up as an article
[23:27] [benjie] please do :)
[23:27] [benjie] lol
[23:28] [pwhite] lol
[23:28] [pwhite] cya benjie