Behind the scenes - Devilware.

By Pete | @kingpetey | 27 Jun 2002

If you didn't allready know is an extensive entertainment site which covers mainly the latest movies and music. We interviewed the sites founder and chief webdesigner Sam Hastings about his views on the site and his plans for the future.

1.What made you decide to go for a Entertainment site?

A mixture of things, really - entertainment is an interest of mine, I like to be able to keep up with the latest news in the entertainment industry, and I thought an entertainment site would satisfy me, and my visitors. It gives me the chance to be 'in the know' about current affairs, and I thought an entertainment site would attract the widest audience.

2.Are you ever going to send out a newsletter?

The first newsletter has been planned, and should be sent out within a month or so. The reason that I haven't sent one out yet is that the site has been growing over the first few months, and I just thought it might be best to leave the newsletter for a while, until the site had enough content and features to make a 'big deal' about.

3.How are plans for the game coming?

Very well, thanks. The closing date for signups is on the 1st July - so you only have a couple of days left to sign up! You can do now at

4.Will this be starting soon?

Should start mid-July - the set date is the 15th but this may have to change if I need more time to get the system working.

5.Do you think the movie review section is secure enough as u dont have to be a member to post?

This, I thought, would represent my trust for my visitors. Also, I was sick of coming across sites where you have to sign up before you can do anything, so I thought I could start my own little cult!

6.Are there any plans for extending this section in the near future?

Maybe - I have been thinking about this; however, I don't want my users to have to remember hundreds of usernames and passwords each time they visit the site. People that are signed up for the forums won't really want to register again. I may decide to extend this in the future, so the users can use their forum username and password.

7.What is new on the music section?

A couple of things have been added recently - including a short article about internet radio and where it's going. Internet radio is something I use quite regularly, so I thought I would show my support

8.Will there be any updates for this section soon?

Yes (see below)

9.Will more other band profiles be added?

Yes! I was thinking of making a system where people submit the name of their favourite band and I would find out the information on that band and put it in an article - I like to cater for a mixture of tastes and I think this is what will be happening within the next couple of weeks.

10.When will the free sms sender becoming to devilware?

I'm hoping to go ahead with this section, I nearly have it fully working, and it should be on your screen soon!

11.and the same for the ring tones?

The provider that I used to let me do this has sadly stopped providing free services, so I will be ditching this when the new redesign comes along (within the next couple of weeks), it's not a major redesign, just the header document, with improved navigation.

12.Is there ever anyone in your irc chan?

Sadly not. This is another section I may ditch, or I may use someone else's IRC channel, with their permission of course!

13.What is the relationship between devilware and other sites such as deadbrain?

Not much of one - although I like to mention sites made by friends of mine, there is no real link between our sites.

14.When will there be a new competition up?

DevilwareGame is basically a competition, so I may implement information on that into the current competition page.

15.If the competition winner isn't announced till the 30june why can you not enter?

The closing date was the 25th June, so I stopped people from entering. That gives me enough time to pick a winner - yes, I know, 5 days is a lot, but I was giving myself extra time in case there was some kind of error

16.Why doesn't the link to not work?

This was something I had planned a while ago, but sadly, it fell through and we never got anywhere. I will take the link down though :)

17.How many hits do you get a week?

Depends - usually between 150-250 (unique) hits a week.

18.Has this increased much recently?

Not really, this is something I would like to increase actually.

19.How do you intend to get more hits?

Doing things like DevilwareGame gets us more visitors, so promotional events like that are good for our popularity. I am hoping to get more visitors to the site in the near future.

20.What are your future plans for devilware?

I am hoping that it becomes more popular, and that more and more people visit it. When there is a high enough demand, I will add a lot more features to the site, but for now, I think the running of the site is going well. I am getting a lot of help from others in the site, and I hope they will continue to help us.

Thank you very much Sam we wish devilware all the best in the future.

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