Gas powered laptops!

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Aug 2002

?Darling, I?m just popping down to the gas station to top up the laptop?
Well maybe that?s a bit far fetched but by the end of 2004 we could be seeing gas powered laptops in the shops. As laptop components such as processors and graphics cards become more powerful they also require more electricity, in desktops this isn?t a problem as you have the mains supply but in laptops, where battery power is essential on the move trying to use as little power is important. This and the increasing sales in the laptop market has led to design changes in laptops. You could in theory either try to save more power in the laptop or put more power into it.

Various companies have tried different ways of improving power supplies, one of these has to fit laptops with small methanol powered system, you can extract the power needed out of the methanol without going over the flammability point of methanol. This meaning that the gas substitute for a battery is still a safe alternative. The advantages are that the laptop will be usable for up to 10 times longer however charging isn?t as simple as plugging it into the mains, its more likely you will have to pay for cartridges of gas.

Other companies have been looking at fitting laptops with super capacitors that can hold a lot more charge and can be charged a lot faster. Results have shown up to a 200% improvement. The advantages to this are that it can be charged by the mains and won?t cost you too much in electricity to charge it.

Intel has decided to invest in both companies to continue development in better technology for the future.