Morpheus 2

By Pete | @kingpetey | 20 Aug 2002

Morpheus 2 is the latest version of the popular download client that over the previous months has gone through a lot of changes. For those that don?t know I will explain Morpheus history. The original Morpheus started up using the same network as Kazaa the layouts were about the same and files could be downloaded quick and easy without many problems, then early this year Morpheus split from the same network as Kazaa and started using the same network as GNUtella with a program which looked very similar to Gnucleus. For those using dialups the GNUtella network is no where near as good as kazaa is for downloading music. Morpheus continued to use the modified version of Gnucleus for the following months, I?m guessing in this time they were working on their own client for the GNUtella network which was finally launched this month under the title Morpheus 2.

When downloading Morpheus 2 I initially had to download a 4mb setup file then a further 5mbs for the latest java virtual machine (I suppose it could come in useful for any other programs I download which may need it.) anyway 1 hour later after all this downloading the program finally installed. My first impressions were good, it looked nice ran at a good speed and was easy to use. However Morpheus 2 still used the GNUtella network so was slow to connect. I tried quite a few times and it didn?t connect in anyway as fast as Kazaa. I opened both programs up to see which connected fastest, on average kazaa took between 5-10 seconds to connect while with Morpheus I could wait any time upto a minute before giving up. Once Morpheus was connected I had this silly thing telling me how much search power I had. I decided to search for faithless once it reached maximum search capacity, after about 2 minutes it came up with 3 results before having to reconnect. With kazaa I found about 150 references to Faithless in about 2minutes.

I then decided to download one of the files I had found this went slightly better and I did get reasonable download speeds however I did have connection problems to Morpheus for trying to search for other things, these problems did not occur in kazaa. I personally didn?t think Morpheus 2 lived up to what my expectations were and I found there website most unhelpful when trying to find out anything about Morpheus 2. The site seemed more interested in advertising from the way it seemed to me.

Overall I think Morpheus 2 was easy to use and it looked nice, however as a download manager it doesn?t seem as good as its close rivals such as limewire and bearshare and its no where near the level that it used to be when it used the same network as kazaa. So I?m giving Morpheus 2 a poor 3/10.