Planetarion ? The Final Legacy

By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Oct 2002

We?re now over a month into the new round however Planetarion has its lowest turnout ever with less then 6000 players. This may seem good but considering in Planetarion?s prime they had over 100000 players 6000 is poor.

The round seems as dull as ever with no major power blocks and most alliances running for themselves. My galaxy for one gets incoming every 2-3 nights and has a serious problem with trying to get any defence, this is a shame as we do have some good veterans to the game. The graphics have still failed to get an update and we haven?t heard from the creators it seems in weeks. Rumour has it that they are still working on another game or what ever they decide to go into after Planetarion finishes. The game at the moment seems to being run by what?s left of the pa crew.

It is unknown the financial status of fifth season AS at this current time but as the round did have a fairly poor signup its not looking good. It seems that Planetarion is coming to the natural end of its life cycle and people are a bit fed up with Planetarion as you do with all games. Planetarion has however lasted a lot longer then many other games and what it has created is a massive community on irc and the forums that will be around for a long time yet. The future of netgamers is still uncertain as it looks for more partners to continue to keep the irc network popular.