By Pete | @kingpetey | 19 Oct 2002

Triple X is the big action film to his our cinema screens this October so we thought we would go along and take a look. The film stars Vin Diesel who you may remember from the hit film The Fast and The Furious. xXx is directed by the same person who directed the fast and the furious and has a lot of great stunt and action scenes.
I thought the story line was well thought out with plently of action all the way through.

Diesel stars as former extreme sports athlete Xander ?XXX? Cage, notorious for his death defying public stunts. He is recruited by an NSA agent named Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) to try to succeed where other agents had failed. His mission takes him to Prague where he becomes friendly with a group named Anarchy 99, which to Xanders horror intends to kill off major cities with biological weapons. Xander makes it his mission to stop this from happening thus saving the world.

My particular favourite scene had to be with Xander snow boarding down a mountain with an avalanche of snow right behind him, it was gripping and original though maybe not the most realistic of situations but what can you expect! The film has been greatly compared to the James Bond series that has its next film coming out next month. Though the similarities could be seen with the Bond series I still thought the film used a lot of good original stunts which kept it entertaining.

Overall I thought xXx was a good film worth seeing before the likes of Harry Potter comes out soon. If you like action then its worth seeing, if you like cheesy films its also worth seeing, though if your looking for a quiet night in maybe this isn?t the film for you!