Next week is when webcasters in America will have to pay their first payment to the government next week in order to comply with the new webcasting laws. This will effect many big companies such as Microsoft?s MSN which will have to now pay per listener per song for everything streamed off its site. This may not be too bad for larger organisations that make a lot of revenue but for smaller webcasters such as, which up to now has relied on donations from the listeners to pay for the small costs the organisation has. It will now have massive royalty fees to pay.

Smaller webcasters were close to winning separate rules in a compromise Congressional bill. The measure was blocked before the Senate adjourned Thursday night. It has now been decided that the smaller webcasters will not have to pay the fees just yet until all congressional work has been sorted out.

Failure for this bill to come through will mean the death to nearly all small webcasters in America as up to now they have been free to listen too. Webcasters may now have to charge a subscription or put adverts into their stream. People will be reluctant to pay as there counterparts in the rest of the world can still broadcast for free giving a distinct advantage.

The future of webcasting still remains very bleak, which is a great shame for thousands of people every day who like to tune into the popular stations for good free music. Radio companies do not have to pay royalty fees per listener per song so why should webcasters!