ImAFish 6

By Pete | @kingpetey | 04 Jan 2003

Shrewsbury, England based website today officially released their new look website full of new features and updates. One of the most significant updates has been to the members area. Users can now sign up and use a variety of features including columns posting, in site messaging, articles comments and soon gallery comments.

The site run by students has now been running for over 18months now and ImAFish 6 is the most advanced update to date. ImAFish 6 includes many of the features found in previous versions of the site such as the articles and columns sections however the new site builds upon these sections.

Getting a column on the site has never been easier, all you have to do is either ask the admin to make you a columnist or to submit a demo columns post to the site. To do this create an account with ImAFish by clicking on register on the left, or if you already have an account login, once logged in click on 'Column Entry' on the left hand side, here you can type your column then submit it to the site. (If you dont see this then click on 'Messaging' and send your post to pwhite. Articles are also easy to submit - simply click on 'Post Article' once you have logged in.

Registration is free and easy and lets you do more features such as comment to articles and comment on gallery pictures. You can also make use of the sites messaging system to message other members on the site ? like you would email your friends.

ImAFish now has over 100 articles on a range of subjects that can be viewed by clicking on articles on the left hand side, the articles are sorted into categories such as Linux and Gaming. As usual the sites forum is here and has not been changed at all in the new site launch so don't worry about loosing any posts or your account. Registration for the forum is also free so sign up now!

A history of the site including screen shots of previous versions can be found at

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