The TV or Computer?

By Pete | @kingpetey | 10 Jan 2003

As computers get faster and TV's get more interactive which will be most popular in the future? 10 years ago computers in the home were very rare yet now homes across the world are filled with computers and we're being encouraged even more to setup home networks and to get broadband Internet. TV's have been around a little longer (over 50 years now) and you can now find at least 2-3 in most house holds. Yet trying to merge the two through TV cards and web TV never really took off.

This week in California Sony's chief operations officer, Kunitake Ando predicted the rebirth of the TV that would take digital TV and the Internet to the next level. Their new strategies would include the utilization of broadband in the home and using the TV to access the Internet for films and communication.

He stressed that people need to sign up for faster Internet access such as DSL and cable. Mr Ando also showed off Sony's Cocoon, a device about the size of a DVD player that connected the TV and the internet by broadband. The machine runs on Linux and has a hard disc that can record 100 hours of video. It is already gone on sale in Japan.

Also this week, the worlds leading computer manufacturer, Dell released plans for the future, that include their own brand of hand held computers and trying to make it even easier for people to buy the computer that they need.

Dell also mentioned about how the PC was becoming the center for entertainment in the home, with audio, video, gaming and the Internet. However Dell do not think it is relevant whether the TV or PC is best.

What ever happens it is clear that both types of entertainment rely of people signing up for broadband and are willing to invest in new subscription services.