Net Name Warning

By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 Feb 2003

Nominet is warming people today of a dodgy name selling campaign to trick people into buying similar domain names for extortionate prices. Nominet who is the UK domain name registrar is warming that people could get confused into this scam.

The company called UK Internet registry is sending out unsolicited emails to owners of and .com domains asking if they would like to purchase similar .com or domain names for ?175. This is about ?170 over the original price of the domain names which can be purchased from sites such as Justreg(here and ukreg(here).

In its statement, Nominet said it was "concerned about the confusion that had been created by the sales tactics of UK Internet Registry". The company that is believed to be based in the Seychelles has not commented on its way of selling domain names but Nominet have expressed great concern.

For many people it will simply be yet more spam in their email accounts, many people have learn't to ignore the ?add 5 inches? and ?click here for ?1000? emails so for many people with common sense it shouldn't cause much confusion.

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