20 Years of the CD

By Pete | @kingpetey | 01 Mar 2003

It was 20 years ago today when the first CDs when on sale in the UK. It was 1983 when the first batch of 100 CDs went on the market. There was much skepticism around the launch of the CD and record companies were worried that the CD would destroy current vinal and cassette sales.

However they were wrong and to date over 1.8 billion music CDs have been sold worldwide. Many people thought that the modern looking disk could ever be as good as conventional formats. The use of CDs in computers helped to make the CD a popular medium over tapes.

One of the most influential moments in the history of the CD was the release of the Dire Straights album Brothers in Arms in 1985 which featured heavy promotion of the Philips brand. It was at this stage that many people became switched on to the fact that CDs probably had a future and Brothers in Arms became the starting block for many households' collections as the price of hardware fell.

The future of the CD still looks good as many people are now using DVDs for many purposes such as films. Other technologies such as the mini disk haven't taken off as well as the CD however it is still reasonably early days for such technology.