Con Music?

By Pete | @kingpetey | 09 Apr 2003

In an attempt to try to get people to download music legitimately a range of companies and organisations to do with the music industry have come up with ?Digital Download Day?. The European day starts today and allows users to sign up until the 15th of April. Once signed up the user can access ?3 worth of music in 3 different ways:

1. Download up to 30 tracks. (store able for 1 month)
2. Stream 300 tracks.
3. Burn 3 tracks to CD.

A choice of 170,000 tracks from over 7,500 artists is on offer. Bands and artists include Christina Aguilera, Linkin? Park, Norah Jones, Eminem, Coldplay, Miss Dynamite, Robbie Williams, Jennifer Lopez, The Streets, The Coral, Michael Jackson, The Raveonettes and Gareth Gates.

The idea of the day is to try to promote awareness of legitimate music subscription services however how effective do they expect it to be? With free services such as Kazaa becoming increasingly popular how do they expect people to stop downloading music when they can get it easily and free.

As soon as restrictions such as a making the tracks available on your PC for 1 month only are put onto music people would much rather download the MP3 rather then some strange format.

?Currently an estimated 4.5 million people are accessing a total of almost 1 billion pirated tracks at any one time. But the tracks are often of dubious quality and contain viruses. ?

From the organisers press release. I would just like to point out the point about viruses and how this is not true, the MP3 is made so it cannot contain viruses. I'm not too sure what they are trying to say with this point. As for the tracks being pirated is another point not proved either.

The fact is that the music industry is in a mess and in my view digital download day does not give the end user any real reason to stop using free sharing programs and use subscription services. Until people have a good enough reason to need to change to legitimate services why should they?