Site Birthday

By Pete | @kingpetey | 25 Jun 2002

Around a year ago this month myself, benjie and yammez at the time invested in our first domain name, somthing which didn't cost much per year plus was a bit of a spur of the momment joke. Little did we know it would turn into the popular site we have today which recieves over 800 hits per week, with 38 forum members and a database driven backbone.

The site has gone though many changes in the past 12 months, we have had changes in crew members - we lost yammez but gained shannon and shenton as the site grew. We have seen many different designs and graphics, some being more sucessful then others. And now we have the summer design which is proving very easy to use and sucessful.

We hope to build on the sucess into the future of imafish - hopefully into providing more resources and if possible moving the site into making a profit. We have seen many other features come and go on the site and some which are now here to stay - such as the return of the columns. We have had our problems though - such as being the hosting problems we had originally and more recently forum problems. However we have got through these and learn't from our mistakes and have now had the site up for a longer period of time then we have done before and we hope to keep it that way!

Our main goal has always been to provide a fun entertaining informative website for our friends and its slowly coming towards reaching that goal. We are always open to new suggestions and new features to the site - such ideas which have come up recently have been the site awards which have been very sucessful not only in providing entertainment but also in getting people to keep visiting the site which has been another large task which again is slowly looking good for us.

The site isn't just for entertainment though it gives us crew and creators time to use our skills as webdesigners and programmers and build on the skills we dont yet know. ImAFish isn't the only site we now own and work on - the new site switchweb is dedicated to explaining in more simple terms the things we do every day on computers.

I hope to start adding more database script we have written for imafish to switchweb in order for anyone else who is interested to see simply how we have created imafish. ImAFish does like the idea of open source and where it can is trying to help others in ways in which it can easily. The site has certainly achieved a lot in the last year and will certainly go on in the future to achieve a lot more.

We hope to build on the success of the site over the last year and continue to improve and add new features to the site in the comming weeks. One things for sure we do have some interesting things planned for the site which should be a lot of fun for everyone. Pwhite