In June 2001 along with co-founders Ben Powell and James Vardill I was about to take my GCSE's. Exams that could potentially determine the course of my life however something else had taken my interest, something that ended up forming a major part of my career - web development. 

These early skills surrounding key web technologies such as HTML, CSS and PHP came at a time when we were using technologies such as Internet Explorer 5, Windows 2000 and Frontpage. A time before today's niceties of Firefox, JQuery, OS X, Firebug and Drupal. 

ImAFish as it looked in 2001

ImAFish in 2005

I've worked on ImAFish through School, College, University and work, always looking to improve the design and write interesting/relevant content.

Fast forward a decade and ImAFish has been visited almost a million times, had millions of page views, been featured on sites such as Digg, Life Hacker and This Is Money, had 10 major redesigns and a published book.

ImAFish has reached a level of success that I never thought was possible. A big part of that success has been down to our loyal readers who I appreciate sticking with us over the years.

Thank you to all the visitors and contributors over the past decade and I look forward to the next decade!

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