A big merry christmas to everyone, especially those who have checked out my latest book - the feedback has been amazingly positive and thousands of you have read it online!

I've been busy updating my web portfolio over the past few days, you can check it out as part of our website specialising in Shrewsbury Web Design.

Some of the highlights at work over the past year include:

  • Development on over 30 projects including content management systems, blogs, intranets, e-commerce sites and community sites.
  • Disaster recovery at one of our key sites after an explosion in Shrewsbury in the opening days of the year.
  • Taking an existing website from 300 visitors per day to over 3,000 (peaking at 10k)!
  • Setting up a webcam in the office www.info-sol.co.uk/cam
  • Forming exciting new business partnerships with a number of companies.
  • An overall 99.9% uptime on all systems and websites.

I look forward to taking ImAFish into 2011, our 10th year blogging!