In recent years the Iraqi economy has boomed, fueled by oil revenues and growing internal stability, the country is attracting huge amounts of investment from around the world.

Beginning 2010 a news website was formed by two companies with vested interests in the region to cover business news and to change perceptions that Iraq was still a war torn country with little prospects.

In June 2010 The Web Orchard took over web development of the site helping to take it from a simple news site with less than 9000 visitors per month to a journalism juggernaut with over 120,000 visitors per month.

By using our experiences gained from other blogs including ImAFish we were able to implement features to encourage users to stay on the site and contribute to discussion.

Chief Developer Pete White added “Simple features such as displaying related content below posts and emailing subscribers when a new comment is added has made a big difference in retaining visitors and building a community.“

The latest development has been to include affiliate links to research reports in Iraq to help bolster revenue. By displaying targeted reports under posts we hope to keep the reader’s attention once they have finished the article. “Targeted content is essential to Internet advertising and is how companies such as Google have become so successful” commented Pete White.

As well as website development scaling the infrastructure to deal with rapidly growing traffic has been important to maximise uptime and to keep the site loading quickly.

Development in the site based on feedback from users is an on-going process and one embedded in the ethos of the work carried out by The Web Orchard.

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