A garage is a big space to use, and doesn’t filling it with bikes you’ll pull out twice a year and tools you’ll never use seem like a waste? There are lots of things you could be doing with that space, with a few enhancements and a severe clear-out you could have an extra room to what you wish with.

So, pull out those empty tins of paint, add some home amenities and take a look at our picks for the best ideas to use your garage for.

1. Cinema

The cinema is so expensive. And uncomfortable. And if you have to tell that stranger one more time to stop talking…!

More of us are opting to stream our movie going experience into our homes, where there is no judgement for wearing your jammies and you won’t miss anything if you need to go to the toilet.

With televisions getting as big as cinema screens nowadays, it’s an easy first step to creating your picture house experience, but some are even upgrading to projectors, which can hook up to your laptop and show whatever you can find online. The best part is garages are usually windowless, making a truly dark room to keep you engrossed.

Add a comfy sofa, some surround sound speakers and a popcorn machine and you’ve got the ultimate movie-loving experience.

2. Casino

Those of you missing the neon lights of Las Vegas or the nightlife of Blackpool can create your own Caesars Palace in your garage.

A couple of tables can have you playing NetBet blackjack, poker, or if you fork out for a wheel, roulette. You can either buy tables online or convert an old dining table with a roll of green felt, and a white marker. 

Have a device nearby if you fancy playing slots online and invite the guys round for some poker. But if you really want the Vegas experience you should invest in some Renaissance art and neon signs.

3. Gaming

You can incorporate a console into your cinema experience to create a great gaming experience. Play Mario Karts on a screen so big that it feels like you’re in the car. See the beauty of games like The Witness and The Witcher III on a screen that really deserves it.

Hook up your consoles to your television or projector and enjoy the space to rage quit if you need to, without waking anyone in the house. Or invite some friends to your abode for a few rounds of Street Fighter or That’s You.

4. Dancefloor or music studio

If someone in the house loves a Zumba class, you can take that one step further and turn your garage into a dance floor. Soften the floor with inexpensive vinyl floor tiles and invest in some soundproofing foam, and you’ll have the basics of a mini club.

Is your Mrs into salsa? Take a few lessons and spin the night away. Or has someone in the house embraced the cardio benefits of pole? It’s easy to install one in a room with a lot of space. Or does someone in the family play a musical instrument? Now Timmy’s drumkit can have its own room where he can practise without keeping you up all night.

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