When we see the homes around us, we cannot help but think about how they started life. In most cases, they will have begun as a drawing or idea on a piece of paper. The term architect does, after all, date back to the mid 16thcentury. It derives from the French architecte, the Italian architetto, and originates from the Greek arkhitektn. This history means that architects, in some form, have been around as long as most of the buildings that we see.

It is interesting to think about how modern residential architecture has changed. In this article, we will consider just what is possible to have built as your dream home, that is then turned into a pleasing reality.

The Aesthetics of a Home

The kinds of things that make a home appealing will include how it looks to others. Curb appeal will be achieved, for example, by an interesting roof shape. A sloped roof can be very appealing to many, not to mention how protective it is from the weather. Unlike a flat roof, a sloped roof will deflect rainwater, rather than allow it to collect and so potentially leak in.

A grand front door can be the way to our hearts, as much as it is into our new home. Also, our garage, because it can be attached to our home, will say just as much about us as the exterior of our home will.

Drawings produced by creative architects can depict the kind of home that we once dreamed of and show how it is possible to be built. They will include everything from the outside drawings, that above-all need to look appealing, to the inside of a house that incorporates our space-saving built-in elements. We can, with the help of our architect, design the kitchen we have always wanted. That is, one with an island in the middle and plenty of space for food preparation as well as dining.


How much glass we propose for our home will have a significant impact on our view. Windows will typically be shown on an architectural plan as three parallel lines. When looking at windows and doors, you will need to refer to the elevations of a particular wall because a plan will not indicate the height or type of every window or door.

Knowing just where windows are placed will allow the housebuilder to think just where a larger window could enhance a view. A plan allows you to stand back and think just how special you could make a home from it. A home that looks out towards an ocean or mountain range will benefit greatly from extra consideration being given to window locations, as much as their size. In the first instance, an architectural plan will position a window to be in line with a nice view, and also ensure there are enough of them to provide the necessary amount of natural light around a home.

Roof Plan

A scaled diagram or drawing of residential property will include a roof plan. This will contain roof dimensions and detail the design of a roof. This will be in terms of its shape and size. 

The gable roof is considered a classic design and consists of two parts that will slope in opposite directions. The more slopes you go for, the nicer your roof will look, and the greater the storm protection you will have.

Roofs can be made from different materials to last longer. Natural slate will, for instance, last longer than 100 years when well maintained, so it will be there for the next generation. It will certainly become a selling point should you decide to sell your home. Not that you will anytime soon after you have decided to build your perfect home from scratch, with the help of an architect to draw up the plans for you to make it as special as you imagined it.

We rely on an architect to make our home look as we want it, so that our special plans become reality. We want the best indication as to what it will look like, as much as authorities want to know just what we are planning. They will be thinking about planning regulations and our home fitting into the environment. An architectural plan is a way to know if we are all of the same thinking. We do want permission to be granted, but also require a home that will stand out so that it is special. That is the point of building a new one and not just settling for one already built. Our architect can help us to satisfy everyone during and after this process.

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