Most of us decorate our homes for Christmas. Some even add decorations to celebrate Halloween. We relish the idea of adding autumnal colours and textures in early fall. But we don’t always do the same for spring.

Springtime is a fantastic part of the year. The nights are getting later, the temperatures warmer, and the sun is starting to shine. We’re keen to spend more time outdoors, and perhaps neglect our homes because we’re keen to get out of them, and because springtime is full of joy, we feel less need to comfort ourselves with different home décor choices and festive additions.

But creating a spring vibe at home can help you to make the most of the season, enjoying it to the max, and immersing yourself in everything that it has to offer. Here are some great ways to do it.

Start with a Spring Clean

Your home will never be light and airy if it’s messy, cluttered, and perhaps a little unloved. It’s common for clutter to build in a busy household, and if we’re honest most of us clean the same areas week to week, doing the same household chores and neglecting other jobs.

To improve the atmosphere of your home for spring, start with a big declutter. Work room to room, getting rid of things that you don’t need or that don’t bring you joy. Make sure to donate, sell, or recycle what you can. Then, start working through some deep cleaning jobs, or if you can afford to, hire a cleaning service for a one-off deep clean.

Treat Yourself to Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add a springtime vibe to your home. Flowers from bring in colour, make us smile and cheer up the atmosphere. Order flowers from for same-day flowers in a wide range of colours and styles.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The simple act of adding a fresh coat of paint, even if it’s the same colour, can brighten up a room massively. Our walls become dirty over time, especially the ones that are a lighter colour, or a shade of white. A quick coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to freshen a home.

Switch to Light Bedding

Thick bedding in plaid patterns is great for winter when you want to feel warm and cosy. But it’ll be stifling in the summer. Switch to a lighter duvet, and lighter materials like satin or cotton, and opt for block colours or ditsy patterns instead of anything heavy.

Find Botanical Prints

Botanical prints are a great way to welcome springtime in. Find prints, or even cut pictures out of magazines to make your own and hang them in light frames for a quick boost to your décor.

Let in More Light

In spring we should make the most of the extra light as much as possible. Make sure your windows are clean, tie back curtains, and move anything heavy or large away from frames and sills to maximise the natural light that you enjoy.

If you love spring, make the most of it. Make sure your home is bright, clean, airy, and filled with springtime colours and fragrances.

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