The ImAFish Forum has seen its best month since May 2006 in what's been hailed as an epic revival. It was only five months ago in February that the Forum had its worst month ever.

The Forum Posts Per Month graph can be found on ImAFish Reports. The data goes all the way back from when the forum was founded in 2002. I've tried to see if there are any patterns in posting habits however there are no clear trends.

May seems a particularly good month throughout the years, this could be put down to it being exam time meaning members were looking for more ways to procrastinate however considering most members have full time jobs now this no longer applies.

Posting figures had been stabilising until about a year ago when the number of posters decreased, this dip lasted about 10 months until June when activity started to pick up again.

The number of posts per month on the forum is far from the early days in 2002 and 2003


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