This article is going to look at how you can make money on the Internet using a cash back website and online gambling. The site is not affiliated with ImAFish in any way and your personal experiences may not reflect that of mine.

Gambling is one of Britain’s favourite pass times as well as being a lucrative business. It’s not uncommon to hear in the news how gambling has ruined peoples lives or is a sin. The truth is that if done carefully gambling on the Internet can make you some cash as well as being a lot of fun. Don’t expect millions but a few hundred £££ or thousand isn’t too hard to achieve.

The website is a cash back website; basically you buy your goods or services by clicking a link to their site through Quidco. For example I want to buy a DVD, I find the DVD on, go to Quidco, click the link, buy my DVD then earn 2% back. This may not sound much but I recently brought a laptop off Dell through Quidco earning me almost £20 back, if you do it for everything you buy it will soon mount up.

Quidco has thousands of affiliates including insurance, supermarkets, holidays and mobile services. The reason companies make cash back available to Quidco is because it comes from their marketing budget. Companies know that they have to spend a certain amount per customer to attract them in, so one way to attract new customers is to offer incentives through sites like Quidco.The real money making through Quidco is done through online gambling sites.

A lot of the Gambling offers will give you between £10 - £70 in cash back if you spend and gamble a certain amount (normally between £5 - £20), so instantly you have made the difference in profit. They can do this because getting you signed up on their website is much more important than your initial spend, they have the idea that once you are signed up (and maybe win) that you will go back again and spend more money.

The trick here is to have the discipline not too! Sign up to the website, wager the required amount (hopefully make some money) then withdraw it into your account. The cash back might not sound much for signing up but once you have done a few of these offers they soon mount up. (The offers change all the time the best I got was £70 for signing up and spending £10). Also if you wager your money on simple games such as roulette the chances are that you will be able to win some money back.So to recap, you click a link through Quidco, wager the required amount (say £10) then get cash back (say £20) instantly making a profit (£10 in this example). While you wager that required amount (our £10) you have a chance of making more money (as you are gambling it on games like roulette or bingo).A good site to start off with is Cyberslotz.

1. Sign up to Quidco.
2. Search for Cyberslotz (£20 cash back) in Quidco.

3. Sign up then deposit £5.
4. Immediately withdraw that £5 as you are given a £5 bonus. So you have got your £20 in cash back then have got £5 to play with (you can’t withdraw this bonus).
5. Now play any game you fancy, I recommend roulette as it’s easy to learn and quite easy to win on.
6. Hopefully you will win and will be able to withdraw more money.It will probably have taken you 20-30mins to do this but hopefully you have had some fun and made a bit of money in cash back. Now go back to Quidco and look under sports and leisure for other online gambling sites to sign up and make some money with. The more you sign up to and gamble with the more you are likely to win higher amounts on.


Cash back will often take 2-3 months to come through as Quidco has to get this money off the website and put it into your account. Payments are then made monthly into a PayPal account (so you need to sign up with PayPal too).From my personal experience I have made a couple hundred £££ in cash back then a further few hundred £££ from winning on online gambling sites. I seem to be especially lucky with bingo and it’s always good fun.

Remember if you win a bit of money just withdraw it, these sites are designed so that the chances of you making any real money are really low. It’s like playing the lottery, the actual chances of you getting the jackpot is so small yet still millions of people play it every week.With most of these sites once you deposit £5 or £10 you are making this back in cash back so you’re not actually playing with your own money. It’s a very easy way to make money online and have a bit of fun in the process.Post below any questions or how much you have made (pls dontate me a propotion of the winnings!)

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It's worth noting that quidco cashback isn't guaranteed, and somtimes merchants (particularly gambling ones) will refuse to pay up if they think people are exploiting their offers. So it's possible to end up out of pocket.

Also, with cyberslotz, you can withdraw the

never use quidco site they steal your money , they allow you to use right up to cashout day then they make bullshit up about fraud,,,,and its those who are the fruads....ppl stay well clear of quidco

yup me 2 have been stung with the quidco fraud , I only made 2 transactions there and I offered to forward statements of those transactions, but no reply from the owner Paul he was out of office , probabily spending my money.

Well, I've always found Quidco to be an excellent service. So far I've had over

I can vouch for the soundness of this idea although there is a little risk attached such as the links not tracking, merchants refusing cashback and becoming hooked on gambling. As long as you stick to the plan, it can be a nice little money-spinner. I have published my experience here:

Arkad's Quidco Cashback Experiment

Also, in addition to using Quidco for gambling, there are also offers in other business sectors (insurance, finance, appliances etc.). Personally, before I buy something I always check to see if I can get a discount through Quidco.

Interesting site. I'm looking forward to browsing through your other articles.


I have had no issues with quidco .... I also know of five others who have had no issues. I made 500 quid last year and have all of it save

Like others, I've only had good experiences with Quidco

My quidco account was good until i requested payment, then they decide to refuse paying me via paypal even though this is a method they use,
I asked paul one of the site owners there and his email reply stated he couldnt tell me why he would not pay me my earning via paypal (thats a lie for sure, he made that decison himself)
I was referred by a friend , but i cetainly wont recommend them to anyone ,i will if asked about quidco try and make people stay well clear, as far as im concerned the just want to keep my earnings simple as that.
any comments can be left as i will check daily or you can email me direct [email protected]
I hope this is not being done often,
best wishes to all tina.

i have used quidco since aprill and have not had problems that have not benn sorted out. the people in my experince who get blocked and not paid are the ones who over do things.

This is something new to me. I will try out and comment about Quidco.

This is sort of like Clickbank or CJ. Since i am an affliate i just buy stuff from me and i get a percentage of the sales. So i can save like 10% or so :D

There are a number of new cashback sites on the market that are trying to compete with Quidco in terms of offering the high amounts of cashback that Quidco do. One of these is Cashback Junction. This is a really new site but I don't think it'll be long before more people hear of it, I've been a member for a couple of weeks and have had no problems with getting my cashback in my account. They have most of the same offers as Quidco most of them with same high cashback rates.

This quidco is new to me too! Thanks for sharing this i will give it a go!

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Genius, Carael Knight

Part 2 of the article is now online.

I use to find the best cashback site for the company I'm buying from. I do a search on first, then go to GiveMemore to find which cashback site gives me the best cashback :)

I use to find the best cashback for the retailer I am looking for. They have just started doing their own exclusive discount rates too which are sometimes better than the highest cashback available.

I have used Quidco and have made really good money from using it, but I also use some other cashback websites (which I find to be more reliable and which also match Quidco's highest cashback value).

For people interested in making money from the gambling sites, I highly recommend you have a read at as you can earn thousands of pounds from making and laying bets, as well as from the cashback earned.

Good blog, there are a number of these websites appearing now, they do vary considerably in the cashback they offer. We find to be a decent site to keep an eye on the latest sites. It lists our cashback site

Cheers Claire I will keep my eye out on the cashbacknews site!

Hello again Pete,

As I commented before, I found Quidco and other cashback websites to be a great source of easy money, however I recieved a lot of queries about how to actually open accounts and take advantage of the offers available.

For this reason, I wrote a simple walkthrough of the process entitled "How To Double

Yes, there are lots of new cashback sites. I have been with for over 4 years now and have never had any problems, the odd purchase not been tracked but I've always been paid.

Other sites offer more cashback but you also need to look at reliability . They also have a very useful product comparison search.



All these cashback sites are great, the best one by far though is Top CashBack. They are definitely the most generous, they also give 100% back to the user, but don't charge any admin fees, or to withdraw your cash. They simply make their money from adverts. Plus their customer service is excellent.

Great article - Just been earning cashback on the gambling sites by using
Seem to be working well up to press, even won

Just came across an revolutionary CASHBACK WEBSITE They treat there members as a family according to them but believe me guys they do. Most of there transactions are approved with in 10 days. PAID CLICKS approved next day. Prompt payments and according to me the HIGHEST PAYOUT in the Cashback Sector. They work on NO MINIMUM POLICY and has got

I've tried quite a few cashback sites, reluctantly at first as I didn't like the look of most of them. But I persevered, and I have to say that my favourite so far is, which strangely doesn't seem to have been mentioned here! They give you cashback on Amazon which the others don't and I do most of my shopping there. but also you get 100% cashback on everything (rather than only half which most cashback sites give)and the design is really nice.

This is an excellent review of Quidco, really balanced and well summarised. I've used Quidco for a while and personally I like it's strong co-operate appraoch to how it does business which places it's members above profit, it also has a great daily blog, but one thing it lacks is an interactive froum element like