June 5th 2008 - Shrewsbury based world famous ImAFish celebrates its seventh birthday today. The site's had a bumper year with over 250,000 visits with one of its features hitting the front page of Digg.com.

Site founder Pete White said "It's been the best year ever for ImAFish with such a huge number of visits and increasing revenue. It is a testament to the brand that ImAFish has survived for seven years and I can imagine it will be around for seven more. Our move to Drupal at the beginning of the year and our updated design have been a great move. We have recently launched two new sites to go along with ImAFish and have high hopes for both."

Some of the highlights of the year include:

Ei42.com - A Revolution In Cash Back?

Make Hundreds of Pounds Through Online Bingo

How To Handle The Jerk Next To You On An Airplane

Getting Dugg and Surviving - 70,000+ Hits in One Week

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