Top iPad News Apps

By Pete | @kingpetey | 08 Aug 2010

Here are my top iPad news apps:

Reuters News Pro

An overall great app for finding out today's news articles, pictures, videos and financial data. Homepage articles can be scrolled horizontally whilst vertical scrolling shows news categories. Images and text in articles can be enlarged.


Great for live sport, latest scores, breaking news and articles - no other sports app has content updated as often as the Eurosport app.

BBC News

Similar to the Reuters app in content, the BBC News app shows the recent articles on the left (in horizontal mode) and at the top (in vertical mode) allowing you to easily browse through articles.


Best app for social media/technology news. I like how the articles appear over the headlines through i do find myself knocking the previous and next buttons by accident.


Great for in depth financial news and data. The app also lets you keep a portfolio of the shares you own.

The Financial Times

The FT app is more article based than the Bloomberg app but has some nice features including being able to horizontal scroll between articles.

The Guardian Eyewitness

A great app for viewing current photos on the iPad, I like how with each picture it tells you a little about how the photographer got the shot.

Reuters Galleries

Again another nice photo based application, I like how photos can be displayed as a slide show.

Bonus App: AccuWeather

Not strictly a news app but a great app for finding out the weather.

Know any other great news apps? If so share them below!