Have you ever heard a song whilst you were out and wondered what that it was? Well the free Shazam app will listen to the song then let you know what it is.

When you open the Shazam app it lists your previously discovered songs.

Hitting Tag Now will start the detection process.

The app listens to a few seconds of the song.

Then sends it off to its server to see if its on record.

If it is then a few seconds later it tells you the song and gives you the option to buy it.

The song has to be playing at a reasonable volume with little other background noise for it to work. I tried it in a pub on Friday and it was unable to detect the song but while sitting in front of the TV or listening to the radio it worked fine.


But how exactly does it work. Let's say i am listening to a song on YouTube and it has no name, will iphone be able to find that out by the music played?

Doug, yes it looks the song up from its own database.