When I joined Twitter several months ago I instantly started following as many people as possible, the idea being that they would follow me back and I could post links to ImAFish for them to visit. It turns out that 90% of everyone else on Twitter also has this idea and quickly my Twitter page turned into a spammy mess. The 5-10 people that I actually wanted to talk too were drowned out in all the chatter about social marketing, SEO, marketing classes online, life coaching and anything else that can be sold.

Rather than unfollowing 300 people I decided to start fresh and just follow the people I was interested in.

My new Twitter account: http://twitter.com/kingpetey

Last night I went to a talk with local BBC Shropshire radio presenter Jim Hawkins, I will admit I've never listened to any local radio because of the idea its only for old people, while Jim confirmed this, what was interesting was his approach to Twitter.

Every day his show covers a range of issues where people contact the show to discuss the chosen topic however by also posting this topic on Twitter, Jim can get replies based on this topic through Twitter and just as importantly people who don't listen to his show can contribute. Giving him a wider audience in a slightly difference sense. 

Main stream media has been jumping on Twitter recently as an important tool for breaking news however as Jim has discovered its just as important to encourage local discussion and break local news.

Shropshire based media has never taken much interest in local blogging even though ImAFish gets hundreds of thousand hits per year and has proven blogging can be profitable, in fact I only know one other serious local blogger in Shropshire - Scott Patterson from UKMac. I'm sure there are more however there is no sense of community between local bloggers. Shropshire has always been behind when it comes to social media, perhaps with the BBC pushing services such as Twitter in the county it will be good for us all.


Hi Pete

Thank you so much for this; good to meet you last night

But noooooo, I didn't say local radio is mainly for old people!  Not unless you regard 35 and up as old ...


Haha old = anyone older than me!

Hi Pete, thanks for the mention in your post. There are a number of bloggers in Shropshire that I know of, when I get a minute tonight I will run through my bookmarks and get a list together. 


I do notice certain communities that have a collection of bloggers who meet on a routine basis and Twitter is increasingly the medium which they use for communication. Perhaps we should try and link together a Shrophire Twitter community, I know Birmingham had a big meetup recently where Twitterers got together.

As far as getting a lot of noise etc from Twitter, I accept this is an issue but I think you have to start thinking of Twitter not as email or IM, it is different. It doesnt matter if you miss comments, Twitter users work on basis that this is what happens. It takes a bit of getting used to but to be honest I rarely don't have a Twitter client running on my desktop these days. Most of the time I dont have it in my direct focus but occasionally something catches your eye.....

 The other use of twitter and the one which demands you have a large community of like minded followers is posting questions. I have had a couple of instances recently where I have posted a Tweet for an answer to a question and immediately got useful responses from my followers ( and I only have 300  ! ).

 PS. In your calculations I am OLD ( 43 ! )



If there's a way in which we at BBC Shropshire (radio station and website), perhaps in conjunction with our regular tech expert Prof Steve Molyneux @ProfOnTheProwl, could help facilitate a meet-up of Shropshire Twitter users, I'd be only too keen to assist

And Scott, when you've drawn up your list of Shropshire bloggers, could you email it to me at [email protected], please?  Hope my friend Ben @likeaword is on it http://www.likeaword.co.uk/

Cheers Scott a list of local bloggers would be good. I have a friend who goes to social networking meetings in Bham, something similar in Shropshire would be worth a try.

I would be interested in anything you organise Jim.

Pete, I'm going to have to pull you up on something. It's a bugbear of mine that people keep referring to 'Social Media Marketing' as 'Social Marketing'. The two couldn't be more different. But then I am old so I could be wrong...

Sorry Steve I was just using it as an example - I'm sure I could find you some people on Twitter to follow if you wanted to their minute by minute updates ;-)