iMac History Website

By Pete | @kingpetey | 11 Apr 2010

A new website has been created detailing all models from the past eleven years of the iconic Apple desktop computer. iMac History has been created as a testament to the success and status of the Apple iMac in society.

iMac History recognises the importance of how the iMac changed the landscape of the personal computer market and helped Apple regain its status as a global technology leader.

The website orders models by date, processor type and is fully searchable for keywords specific to certain models. Users are invited to share their comments and experiences to each iMac.

Having previously developed and sold a similar website on the history of the iPod the creators have worked hard researching past models, sourcing images and finding related adverts and videos. officially launched on April 1st 2010.

Comments really inspiring...especially for ipad..really cool

Wow, great find, thank you! I prefer the tower Macs myself but I have to agree that iMac was revolutionary for the industry. If the iMac had the option to change the graphics card or the hard disk drive, maybe I'd buy one!